Symmetry WorksheetsQuick View

Symmetry Worksheets

Lower, middle and higher ability worksheets. Colouring in the symmetrical pattern. Extension task with 4 quadrants and a draw your own grid. Suitable for Lower KS2 or SEN Upper KS2.
Symmetry - Line & RotationalQuick View

Symmetry - Line & Rotational

A student-friendly power-point presentation that shows very clearly the two types of symmetry - line and rotational. It contains excellent visual effects showing clearly how symmetry works. An invaluable introduction to symmetry for KS2 as well as a reminder for KS3 pupils.
Symmetry and ShapesQuick View

Symmetry and Shapes

An entire weeks resources for symmetry, 2D shapes and 3D shapes. Aimed at year 3, this could easily be used for year 4 as well. It was created to be used in conjunction with Hamilton Trust planning, but is easy to follow with your class without that planning. Children will name, describe and sort 2D and 3D shapes, using venn and carroll diagrams. They will also explore symmetry. Enjoy!
Ladybird symmetryQuick View

Ladybird symmetry

This is a fun activity where children cut and stick the wings onto the ladybirds so that their spots are symmetrical.
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Reflect symmetry related words in mirror lines and also shapes in vertical, horizontal and diagonal mirror lines. • Reflect the words in the mirror lines (colouring squares & drawing lines) • Reflect the patterns in the mirror lines (colouring squares) • Reflect the shapes in the mirror lines (drawing lines) There are multiple pages for each activity. Answers included.
Rangoli Inspired Symmetry ActivitiesQuick View

Rangoli Inspired Symmetry Activities

12 engaging worksheets to challenge and entertain your students while they recognize and create patterns using reflective and rotational symmetry. Especially useful in supporting the curriculum for Grades 4 and 8, also valuable for all grades from 3 through 10. Reinforcing and developing key skills in an entertaining way. Sneak in a little extra math when your pupils learn about Holidays around the World! A set of activities following the Core Curriculum for Mathematics.
Introducing Symmetry PPTQuick View

Introducing Symmetry PPT

A 22 slide PPT that introduces symmetry in nature and then moves on to describe symmetry in pictures, patterns and shapes. I used it in parts over a series of lessons. The presentation is animated and interactive, my class displayed crosses or ticks on whiteboards to indicate if images were symmetrical or not. Very comprehensive, just click and teach.
Symmetry of 2D shapesQuick View

Symmetry of 2D shapes

The first lesson is all about lines of symmetry. The second part is about order of rotations. You will need tracing paper.
Math Art – Rotational Symmetry – Mandala PatternsQuick View

Math Art – Rotational Symmetry – Mandala Patterns

A fun activity for your students when studying geometry or cultural celebrations such as Diwali (The Festival of Lights). Students use the grid lines and lines of symmetry to help them draw the pattern in the other sections of the circle. The lines are light grey and they will become less visible after colouring. Included: ♦ 3 different patterns ♦ Blank template (students can make up their own pattern) For each of the 3 patterns: ♦ student template with grid lines. ♦ completed student template (great as a reference during the lesson). ♦ the pattern without the grid lines (could be used as a simple colouring activity if desired). An example of what is included for each of the 3 patterns is included in the images. Provided in 2 different paper sizes: ♦ A4 size paper ♦ Letter size paper Make ... colour ... cut ... display The blank template includes: grid lines, lines of symmetry, outer circle. © Suzanne Welch Teaching Resources
Rotational Symmetry Hands on ActivitiesQuick View

Rotational Symmetry Hands on Activities

Some activities to help children explore and understand rotational symmetry with familiar 2D shapes. Included in this resource is: Rotational Symmetry Worksheet featuring 2 circle protractors and a grid for children to complete the shape name, angle of rotation and order of rotational. Children will also need the Rotational Shapes Sheet to cut out and attach to their protractors with a split pin. We used black shapes and glued these to the sheets before using a coloured set to rotate on the pin. These sheets are available in white, black and coloured. If you don’t want to print these, children could trace around a set of shapes you have in the classroom. Children rotate the shape to measure the angle of rotation and work out how many rotations can be completed to bring the shape to its original position. To follow this, is the Blank Circle Template, which children can use to create their own circular rotational pattern.
Lines of Symmetry - Regular PolygonsQuick View

Lines of Symmetry - Regular Polygons

This document contains different types of symmetry related activities for regular polygons. • Folding Lines of Symmetry – Cut out the regular polygons and write the number of sides, corners and their name, then fold them to find all the lines of symmetry • Matching Properties – Cut out the regular polygons and their properties, then match them together • Drawing Lines of Symmetry – Draw the lines of symmetry on the regular polygons and write their name and the number of lines of symmetry • Lines of Symmetry – Fill in the table to show the number of sides, corners and lines of symmetry for each regular polygon, then find them in the word search • Lines of Symmetry Crossword – Work out the names of the regular polygons using the lines of symmetry as clues Thank you to Graphics From the Pond for the image on the front cover. Answers included.
Reflective SymmetryQuick View

Reflective Symmetry

Three levels of difficulty ranging from basic shapes with vertical reflection to more complex shapes with diagonal reflection.
Rotational SymmetryQuick View

Rotational Symmetry

SSM Transformations Level 5 To be able to recognise the order of rotational symmetry of any shape. A simple animated presentation to demonstrate rotational symmetry to students
Halloween SymmetryQuick View

Halloween Symmetry

This resource is designed to be cut into A5 cards or can be left as A4. If laminated children can use Play-do or plasticine to make the outline of the missing halves. Alternatively, children could draw in the missing outlines using a black dry wipe pen. If preferred, you could photocopy and children could draw in outlines and colour using felt tip pens or colouring pencils. The final option would be to enlarge to A3 size and children could paint in the missing halves. Now includes a 6 page symmetry book with 12 pictures for children to complete.
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Differentiated symmetry activities. Used in a year 1 classroom.
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Includes: Smart Notebook File *No printing necessary, all activities are ready to go!