General Knowledge Loop cardsQuick View

General Knowledge Loop cards

Suitable for form time (designed with my vertical Y7 to Y11 form in mind) - print onto card, chop, distribute cards between pupils, they keep them face up on the desk until they've read it out, then they turn it face down. Anyone with cards still facing up at the end signifies an error somewhere in The Loop! Time them and see if they can beat their own time, or against other forms. Excellent memory aid too...
Synonym and 'word power' - ALL MFLsQuick View

Synonym and 'word power' - ALL MFLs

Excellent little activity for students to choose best fit / synonym / missing word from a choice. BRILLIANT and engaging, adapt it for any topic, any level of ability, really fun and students learn a lot from this!! If you choose the right options, you create six packs of cards, if you go wrong you can't close the loop and finish the activity. Super for vocabulary building. Sorry - just noticed I have some errors in my spreadsheet - please correct &'BauarbeiterIN&'; and 'Sauer&' - should be lower case &';sauer'.
Cinema patients cardsQuick View

Cinema patients cards

Game based on the card came Patients with cinema vocab - can be used as a revision tool and /or end of term game.


Resources Included: Literacy: Commotion in the Ocean Story presentation – illustrated with pictures from the book, each character on a different page – can be used on the whiteboard or as a great display item. Whiteboard presentation of questions to ask before, during and after reading the book – each question A4 size displayed on a great underwater scene 100 high frequency words on gold coins and a large treasure chest, to use for spelling and writing activities and to make a great display. Alphabet flashcards a-z in upper and lower case letters, each on whale pictures. Table top alphabet line – sea life scene, great to support pupils during lessons Colourful word mat including words from the story including the characters 16 A4 posters including questions about the story – with colourful crabs with speech bubbles – a novel way to assess reading comprehension 24 adjectives displayed on cute dolphins – great for spelling and writing tasks, and also make a great display item for your under water scene. 30 A5 flashcards of different phonics on great crab pictures 30 A4 sharks with verbs from the story 62 half A4 landscape words from the book, including character names and other underwater words. 28 writing practise sheets – including all the characters and other under water items, for pupils to trace the words and draw the word. Write your own animal facts task cards My underwater adventure writing task. Colourful seashell border to frame pupils writing. Octopus writing task 4 Antonym and synonym worksheets relevant to the story Numeracy: Numbers 1-100 flashcards, counting cards, number binds to 10 and 20 cards, odd and even flashcards, table top number line, size measuring task, snap cards, worksheets. Role Play and Arts: Lots of poems and rhymes about the animals with matching face masks, finger or hand puppets, plus other resources. Display: Animal flahcards, photo posters, key facts posters for each animal, deep sea creatures A4 poster, long banner, display borders, colour flashcards. EXTRAS: Bingo boards, loop cards, 4 in a row game, books marks, jigsaw, Word matching cards , Memory challenge game, Word search, bingo game etc
XKCD Plenarys & Homeworks; science comicsQuick View

XKCD Plenarys & Homeworks; science comics

UPDATE: 20 more slides added in 2nd presentation. Use these popular webcomics (open source) to spice up your plenary or homework activities, these multifaceted comics are great for stimulating further learning or emphasising a certain point of your lesson. Includes two different activities described and nearly 100 different science related cartoons ranging from KS3 to A-level and beyond. Covering topics as varied as genetics, elements, forces and the scientific method.
Blog for October 2012Quick View

Blog for October 2012

in haste - the prev site is full so starting another. Sorry not a regular blog at the moment, Life is a bit hectic. Bella-the kitten who just caught a mouse at Mums is sitting on my knee purring like a steam engine, very proud of herself. Love and Peace DurgaMata