AQA Unit 2 Roaring 20sQuick View

AQA Unit 2 Roaring 20s

We use this booklet to go along with regular teaching, can be used as homework or revision too. Information is collected from several different textbooks. Hope someone finds it useful. *NOTE* - for the sources worksheet mentioned on page 10 just make an A3 montage of lots of primary sources for them to use. On pages 16 &17 just get them to research the 5 areas in groups and then swap info. **IMPORTANT** I have heard that some people might have copied my booklet and are trying to charge for it! Beware!!
Causes of the great depression AQA History BQuick View

Causes of the great depression AQA History B

This is something I knocked together for a quick 25 minute session. I have ensured that they students will be busy. There is a quiz, quiz trade. This is followed by the students mind mapping the answer to a 10 mark question and then swapping the mind maps over and feeding back on what is good and what can be done to improve. The qqt are on different ppt's so that you can turn the paper over and print on both sides. Handouts 2 to a slide work well. Not all originally my work, but assembled like this by me.
Of Mice and Men Teaching Resources 1-10Quick View

Of Mice and Men Teaching Resources 1-10

(36) 1 - 10 on Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck. They form part of the TES English collection on the text. Includes: introduction, contents, assessment objectives and overview. Also included are audio and video links, and activities and worksheets on: Steinbeck, pre-reading prediction tasks on context, book covers and character. Please refer to Resources 1 (Introduction) and 2 (Contents) for further details.
Design Classics powerpoint presentationQuick View

Design Classics powerpoint presentation

This resource can be used either as a slideshow when delivering lessons on design periods/movements and introducing students to the more well known designers. I have printed each slide, laminated them on put them up in the workshop/graphics room as a permanent display for reference. As a starter I set students questions about each product design and they have to research and find he answers by looking at each printed slide. Can be used to start s design task by asking students to develop ideas using slides as inspiration or starting point.
revision booklets AQA modern World BQuick View

revision booklets AQA modern World B

Revision for AQA Modern world B including Peacemaking and League of Nations Hitler's Foreign policy Origins of the cold war Roaring 20s Hitler's Germany Vietnam(complete notes as wouldn't allow me to upload the guide)
Sport Leisure and Tourism 1900s History SchemeQuick View

Sport Leisure and Tourism 1900s History Scheme

This is a selection of lessons on the above title. They are quite old now and I found them on an old drive. Looking at them, there are still some good worksheets and some good links so they will make a springboard for further planning... but I think you'd want to adapt them, they&'re not ready to teach and need some updating! I no longer teach history at GCSE, so I thought I would share to see if they can help others.
Denmark Fact SheetsQuick View

Denmark Fact Sheets

A series of fact sheets I received from the Danish Embassy in London prior to undertaking our International schools week. They were incredibly helpful as you can see. I thought I would share them to save resources for the embassy :D PLEASE LEAVE FEEDBACK :D
GCSE Applied Business : Unit 2Quick View

GCSE Applied Business : Unit 2

A comprehensive resource that complements ED EXCEL unit 2. The resource covers the followimg topics: Company information Stakeholders Customer service and Consumer law Investigating job roles and working arrangements Vacancies and recruitment H&S and Disciplinary procedures
Russia GCSEQuick View

Russia GCSE

Full resources with teachers notes for teaching Lenin and Stalin’s Government. First activity in Stalin pack is adapted for GCSE from an A-level Thinking History activity.
LIBF DipFS Unit 4Quick View

LIBF DipFS Unit 4

Powerpoints to help with the teaching of the LIBF DipFS qualification. All topics covered.
Human Rights Through FilmQuick View

Human Rights Through Film

Resources to accompany film screenings of Slumdog Millionaire, Blood Diamond, The Kite Runner, Hotel Rwanda, Boy In The Striped Pyjamas, Good and Persepolis including: Blood Diamond (15+) A comprehensive teaching resource including lesson plans, drawings by child soldiers and much more to support an indepth study of the film and the issues it raises. The Kite Runner (12+) Additional companion guide including activities and lessons to engage students in a discussion of complex issues such as ethnic diversity, gender inequality, and the interplay between upper and lower socio-economic and political classes in Afghanistan. Hotel Rwanda (12+) Three lessons and various activities for teachers to use in conjunction with a screening of the film.
European Commission PublicationsQuick View

European Commission Publications

The European Commission have produced a number of colourful and attractive publications covering topics such as the protection of wildlife and coral reefs and the concepts behind global heating and climate change as well as a fun information guide to Europe for upper KS2. You can now view and download a number of these resources on NGfL Cymru for use at the whiteboard.
Religious Prejudice Christian Muslim, Israel, ShiaQuick View

Religious Prejudice Christian Muslim, Israel, Shia

a range of articles on these topics from Internet including about the relationship between Shia and Sunni Muslims in Pakistan (most recent example of Religious Prejudice resulting in deaths that I know of - in 2013.) and some history of the Israel/Palestine conflict. I will add to this should other examples arise.
DurgaMata's Blog - part 5Quick View

DurgaMata's Blog - part 5

16 - 17th Jan - Homophobia and sex-education 18th - 20th parking frustrations + gratitude to friends for helping my daughter . 20 - 23 outline only - 24 - 25th includes comment on competition and ‘excellence’ in school and on some of the atrocities committed by the British Raj in India + news of the rest of the day. An article about Lahore and Partition with interviews. 26th - flier and business card for Silk-Painting + Monsanto. Is it the world’s worst company? 29th Jan + ‘Against all the odds.’ 6th Feb is about the snow and 7th about Mum and being independent.
Y8 SOW Unit 4 - What makes protest effective?Quick View

Y8 SOW Unit 4 - What makes protest effective?

4th half termly unit in Y8 scheme of work, looking at variety of different protests. Designed to prompt students to see effective protest as context specific. assessment is drawing of political cartoon and writing the accompanying interpretation - GCSE style
homosexuality euthanasia suicide - ethics/moralityQuick View

homosexuality euthanasia suicide - ethics/morality

Max files are 20. I just added a recent article (2014) and my own views + suicide by doubling up with another file. But there are many other important perspectives. Do give me a message about inspiring or helpful articles etc. so I can include them here too. The three autobiographical accounts are taken from the Courage website - testimonials section. I have listed most docs as 'guide&' to use as sources or extension material. However Jeremy Marks statement of apology is concise enough to use directly with KS4 classes and raises many interesting points. Lots on Euthanasia too.
Overview CORE Science AQAQuick View

Overview CORE Science AQA

These PowerPoint's are an overview of the complete course. I will be delivering these lessons up to the exam and linking each section to exam questions from the AQA past paper June 2013 and 2014.
True” Ghost Stories That Teach – Historically Based Stories With Content Area Connections (BUNDLE)Quick View

True” Ghost Stories That Teach – Historically Based Stories With Content Area Connections (BUNDLE)

“True” Ghost Stories That Teach – Historically Based Stories With Content Area Connections (BUNDLE) by Lonnie Dai Zovi is a collection of high interest eerie, scary, odd or even funny ghost stories that are possibly true or inspired by true events. The stories for this collection were chosen for their historical usefulness and their ability to connect easily to other content areas like language arts,science, health, math, geometry, geology, art, and of course history! All the stories in this collection capitalize on the students’ great interest in ghosts, and other weird phenomena. These stories take advantage of this interest by using the stories to: Practice reading Improve comprehension Expand vocabulary Highlight or teach certain aspects of language Teach or review history Make connections to other content areas Stimulate discussions Write interesting paragraphs or simple essays The corresponding follow-up exercises include: • Simple true/false questions • Reading comprehension questions • Fill in the blanks • Unscrambling words • Crossword puzzles • sequencing • map and timeline work • drawing • matching The ”True” Stories That Teach stories are geared for children and adults reading on a 4th-5th grade level. They are appropriate for regular ed, special ed, ESL and adult learners. The Stories Included in the Bundle are: Elvis Has Left the Building (Ghost of Elvis Presley and Las Vegas History) $3.00 I Don't Belong Here(Buffalo Soldiers and the American West) $3.00 Not Only The Swallows (California Missions) $3.00 Oh, Say, Can You See ( GHost of Francis Scott Key and the History of the National Anthem) $3.00 Peter's Space (History of Early New York) $3.00 Sailing Alone (The Ghosts of one of Columbus's Captains and His Trips) $3.00 Still Working (CHinese Transcontinental Railroad Workers) $3.00 The Blushing Ghost (Lincoln's Ghost in the White House) $3.00 The Final Salute (Pearl Harbor) $3.00 The Hospital (The Many Ghosts from the Battle of Gettysburg) $3.00 The River Ride (Ghosts of Miners From the California Gold Rush) $ 3.00 The Sheriff's Curse (Salem Witch Trials)$3.00 The Torchman (War of 1812 and the Burning of the White House)$ 3.00 The Tunnel of Freedom (Underground Railroad) $3.00 Together Again (Texas History, and Ghosts From Around the The Alamo) $3.00