Shamus and Wotsits Victorian DetectivesQuick View

Shamus and Wotsits Victorian Detectives

Write a Victorian Detective Story with the help of Shamus and Wotsits; step by step from start to finish. It begins with background on Sherlock Holmes and Victorian Britain and then tackles the detective mystery story. Parts 3 contains a sentence builder on Shamus and part 4 has non-fiction texts that can be used to enhance the story. The children love it! All with added speech and text examples for them to listen to.
Primary Language Starter PackQuick View

Primary Language Starter Pack

Our primary languages downloadable pack is designed for Language Assistants and other native speakers who are new to teaching languages at primary level as well as giving advice to the host schools. The pack includes guidance on how to get started, examples of best practice, specific teaching ideas and resources for use in the classroom.