"Tsotsi" COMPLETE UNIT EDITABLE-Activities, Tests,Essays, AP Style, KeysQuick View

"Tsotsi" COMPLETE UNIT EDITABLE-Activities, Tests,Essays, AP Style, Keys

201 page COMPLETE unit on the novel! Focuses on LITERARY DEVICES (allusions, anaphora,connotation,comic relief,denotation,diction,flashbacks, foil,personification,simile,paradox, metaphor,narrative structure,tone, types of questions), SKILLS APPLICATION, and LITERARY ANALYSIS. Original photographs of South Africa on handouts. * over 200 READING/ANALYSIS SHORT ANSWER QUESTIONS (based on Bloom's cognitive levels) * over 150 READING/LITERARY ANALYSIS MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS * 14 FOCUSED ACTIVITIES (Individual or group work):Characterization,Figurative Language,Foil Characters,Syntax,Writing About,Psychiatric Evaluation,Significance of Names,Transformation Through Communication,Point of View,Symbols,Motifs * over 15 READER RESPONSE ESSAY QUESTIONS * 3 FIVE-PARAGRAPH ESSAY PROMPTS * 4 AP STYLE PROMPTS * 67 VOCABULARY WORDS DEFINED/HANDOUTS * 2 AP STYLE PASSAGE TESTS (analysis/application of skills) * STUDENT ESSAY REVISION ACTIVITY
Human Nature: What is a person? Complete KS3 SOW and ResourcesQuick View

Human Nature: What is a person? Complete KS3 SOW and Resources

BRAND NEW scheme of work which runs over 9-10 lessons on the topic of human nature, for use with KS3. Addresses questions of human nature, value, purpose and free will. Builds critical thinking, analysis and independent learning. Student-led and with rigorous AfL throughout. All resources of a wide variety for all lessons are included. Games, card sorts, learning grids, reading and much more. Complete SOW document included with lesson sequence, differentiation, key skills and suggested homework/continuation opportunities. Powerpoint for every lesson. This really is ready to go straight out of the box! Lessons include: 1. What makes you, you? Explore ideas of body and soul with your students and introduce them to dualist and materialist views. 2. How much is a person worth? Ask your students to make some tough decisions and pin down what gives life value. Compare and contrast these with philosophical and religious standpoints. 3. Are humans special? Consider what sets us apart from other creatures and address the question of our unique position and status. 4. What is the purpose of human life? Give your students an opportunity to reflect on their ideas of the good life and what gives life meaning. Compare these with others and consider the implications for us as people. Compare their views with philosophical and religious perspectives. 5. How free are human choices? Assessing the idea of free will and outline some constraints on freedom. 6. What does the future hold for humanity? Reflect on the modern world and our technological advancement and consider the ethics of memory manipulation, artificial intelligence and designer babies. 7. Creative assessment which runs over 3-4 lessons with planning and reflection. And finally, a massive thank you to the more than 150 of you who have purchased the SOW!
Human Rights worksheets and guidesQuick View

Human Rights worksheets and guides

A selection of worksheets, guides and posters that can be used for lessons on Human Rights, I got lots of these from the Unicef website, which had some brilliant stuff on it if you need more! Please rate if you found this useful.
Hunger Games Scheme of Work Part 2Quick View

Hunger Games Scheme of Work Part 2

These are the rest of the resources for my 'Hunger Games Scheme of Work Part 1.&' The resources aren&';t in order but you should be able to follow the order in the termly planning. Hope they're helpful!
Yr 3/4 NF Unit 3A2-4B Persuasive Writing: ZoosQuick View

Yr 3/4 NF Unit 3A2-4B Persuasive Writing: Zoos

Explore persuasive texts and writing through Anthony Browne’s book Zoo. Research the case for and against zoos and design a questionnaire. Explore other issues about looking after animals through Michael Morpurgo’s The Dancing Bear. Debate the issues raised. Find other lesson plans and resources at www.hamilton-trust.org.uk.
SOW- Literary Heritage PoetryQuick View

SOW- Literary Heritage Poetry

A Unit of work covering the poets Blake, Wordsworth and Frost. includes a SOW, powerpoints, starters, homework and worksheets.
Careers and guidance-related interventionsQuick View

Careers and guidance-related interventions

A report from the CfBT Education Trust: This professional resource is aimed at policymakers, managers, practitioners and trainers to inform the evidence base for careers and guidance-related interventions within an Integrated Youth Support Service (IYSS) context in England.
Literacy toolkitQuick View
Opera DivaOpera Diva

Literacy toolkit

ll the literacy progression documents, 12 strands from the New Primary Framework, VCOP, RUCSAC, reading, writing, speaking and listening assessment. Topcis also included are: assessment.
New AQA Biology notesQuick View

New AQA Biology notes

I have made some notes to go with the new year 12 AQA biology course at A level. There are a set of teacher notes that are completely filled in and an set of pupil notes with missing bits. I have made it as some pupils in my school want hand outs and some like to get notes from the board. I will try both approaches with the pupils, but the overall idea is that they can have both really as the notes will be on the computer system. I have split the course into 2 halves so that each teacher will deliver a portion as that's how our time tables are set up. The immunity section needs some work still, I have unanswered questions there that I am trying to research. There are a set of summary notes that go with this also.
066 - Work Life BalanceQuick View

066 - Work Life Balance

#ukedchat summary & archive 'Work Life Balance' from Thursday 6th October 2011 hosted by @TESConnect. Join #ukedchat each Thursday evening between 8-9pm to discuss the latest educational issues via twitter. See live at http://tweetchat.com/room/ukedchat Information and details at www.ukedchat.com


Microsofts' online APP building interface: also includes link to books and guides.
Malala Yousafzai  - a source of inspirationQuick View

Malala Yousafzai - a source of inspiration

includes speech Malala gave at the UN on 12th July 2013 Videos of M's recovery more vids inc reports and interviews from July - Nov 2013 some of M&'s blog + it inspires others wksheets 1 bckgnd to start of her speech Worksheet with 20 questions plus 2 - in process - on the substance of the speech. (yr 9 upwards needs adaption and differentiation.) Worksheet on UN and Human Rights Taliban 1 full text of letter from T with background Taliban 2 about T from a contrasting perspective Women&';s experiences of T rule. Buddhist statues destroyed by T. Drone attacks. feedback please