Creative Writing activitiesQuick View

Creative Writing activities

Ready to use, stepped activities for script writing, poems and micro fiction. Includes individual, pair and group activities; examples and models to help students respond Opportunities for speaking and listening Warm ups and games to get words and ideas flowing Ideas for expanding each activity
English Listening Lesson - EinsteinQuick View

English Listening Lesson - Einstein

Here are some useful English teaching resources based on the life of Einstein. Most people know of him, and his famous equation E=mc2. But there is so much more to know! This lesson is based on a documentary produced by the History Channel, and gives insights into Einstein's personal life as well as his scientific discoveries. While finding out more about this fascinating man, your students will also be able to improve their listening skills and vocabulary.
Personal Reflective WritingQuick View

Personal Reflective Writing

In the Scottish curriculum students will do a personal/reflective piece of writing. This scheme has been created for this unit. But can be adapted between year groups (S2-S4/Year 9-11). Resources are attached. It focuses on creative writing, narrative hooks, using sensory language, reflecting on past events. Can be followed up with desert island discs (search for on TES) or a speaking and listening task such as This is Your Life. Can also adapt and use for non fiction writing with a focus on biographies and autobiographies.
Christmas Carol - Literacy ActivitiesQuick View

Christmas Carol - Literacy Activities

A unit of work covering a whole range of literacy activities centred around 'Christmas Carol' by Charles Dickens: Playscripts, Diaries, Viewpoints, Biography, Narrative. Goes really well with the movie. Enjoy! :->
Pied Piper of HamelinQuick View

Pied Piper of Hamelin

A powerpoint version of the poem, a drama/speaking and listening activity based on a Hamelin town meeting and a comprehension on the description of the Piper.
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Teaching Activities - Roald DahlQuick View

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Teaching Activities - Roald Dahl

Bring the magic of Roald Dahl's classic story to life with this must-have resource pack. This download contains over 50 pages of fully-prepped, exhilarating activities to get you started in minutes. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is one of the richest sources for imaginative activities in all of children's literature. But as you know, designing these activities takes a long time. That's why we've done the hard work for you. These lessons were created by real teachers, tested in real classrooms, and organised for maximum effectiveness. All you need to do is open, print, and go. When you purchase this pack, you will receive:  Lessons and worksheets with assessable outcomes  A multiple intelligences activity grid with 42 self-directed activities  Answer keys  A printable PDF file You will also get this HUGE set of fully planned lessons: Lesson 1: Adjectives and Adverbs Lesson 2: Book Report Tasks Lesson 3: Cause & Effect in Charlie Lesson 4: Essay Topics and Tasks Lesson 5: Fact & Opinion in Charlie Lesson 6: Haiku Poetry from Charlie Lesson 7: The Ultimate Charlie Quiz Lesson 8: Smartie Pants - Getting Hands-on with Charlie and Chocolate Lesson 9: Story Elements and Concept Maps from Charlie Lesson 10 Thank You Notes from Charlie Lesson 11: Compare and Contrast the different “Charlies” Lesson 12: Vivacious Vocabulary Task Lesson 13: Who Said That? Multiple Intelligences Activity Grid with over 42 self-directed tasks Like the sound of this? If you would like more creative ideas and new product updates, be sure to sign up for our email newsletter, and visit us on Facebook to take part in our exclusive giveaways. *************************************************************************** Other Popular Products From Innovative Teaching Ideas - Search for these items on TES Year Long Visual Writing Prompts Fable Power Pack Teaching Digital Technologies and STEM ***************************************************************************** YOUR REVIEWS ARE ESSENTIAL IN KEEPING OUR PRODUCTS LOW PRICED AND REGULARLY UPDATED!!! IT MAKES A HUGE DIFFERENCE TO US!!! PLEASE LEAVE A REVIEW About Innovative Teaching Ideas
Literacy toolkitQuick View
Opera DivaOpera Diva

Literacy toolkit

ll the literacy progression documents, 12 strands from the New Primary Framework, VCOP, RUCSAC, reading, writing, speaking and listening assessment. Topcis also included are: assessment.
Murder Mysteries: Extracts and ActivitiesQuick View

Murder Mysteries: Extracts and Activities

A comprehensive pack of worksheets that includes a wide variety of extracts from a range of murder mysteries. The resource provides a number of tasks including a drama exercise complete with playscript.
My Basic Thousand Words For Native English Speaking and English Learners Learners (EAL. EFL)Quick View

My Basic Thousand Words For Native English Speaking and English Learners Learners (EAL. EFL)

My Basic Thousand Words by Lonnie Dai Zovi is a complete 105 page workbook containing a comprehensive word list for absolute beginning novice low to intermediate English vocabulary learners. The book contains graduated lists (from the most simple to the more complex, as well as an alphabetical list ) and related exercises (puzzles, word scrambles, sentences writing, fill in the blank) of one thousand of the most frequently occurring words with accompanying exercises for EAL/EFL students. Rather than an English frequency word list, it is a merging of various frequency word lists. The words chosen are simple yet vital for successful reading and writing for beginning and intermediate English learners. These words and exercises are good for group or independent study. They can be used for weekly spelling words, vocabulary teaching, reviewing,or just reinforcement or enrichment to an already existing program. Regular classroom teachers can give these worksheets to their EAL/EFL students for extra practice.The word list is a compilation of many old and respected high frequency word lists (Dolch, Fry, Dale-Chall,Spache to name a few). Some of the lists were too short, others contained a few words not used as much as perhaps they were in the past. (“hiss” and “steamer”, for example, were purged) My Basic Thousand Words, then, is a merging as well as an update of other lists in addition to a few changes. Thematic words that usually appear in beginning English picture dictionaries (Perfect Pics,© for example) were not included. Colours, most numbers, family, animals, months, days, household items, school supplies etc. were not usually included. Many of the excluded words, though quite useful, are not as frequent as those words chosen for this list. You may use this list and the exercises as occasional reviews, worksheets for substitutes teachers, extra credit, or as part of an organized and structured curriculum. This list starts with – The, man, it, now, bed, you, he, is, do, me and ends with character, immediate, especially, principle, appreciate, extreme, receipt, annual, decision, recommend, emergency.
KS3 Charles Dickens Author Study SOW & ResourcesQuick View

KS3 Charles Dickens Author Study SOW & Resources

A detailed seven week (28 lesson) SOW for year 7/8 focussed on Charles Dickens including contextual knowledge, extracts and biographical information. Includes reading assessment, speaking and listening and a writing assessment.
Bakerfield Lodge – Spooky Creative Writing Lesson + Christmas BingoQuick View

Bakerfield Lodge – Spooky Creative Writing Lesson + Christmas Bingo

Bakerfield Lodge – Spooky Creative Writing Lesson + Christmas Bingo Deep in the English countryside, there is a house which holds a terrible secret. Evil has happened here and now madness lies behind every door. The house is called Bakerfield Lodge. It does not take kindly to strangers. Welcome to your new home… Complete lesson includes: * Starter activity * Information pages with hints * Discussion prompts * Scenario page * Descriptive writing page (resource included) * Writing prompts * Fantastic ‘spooky bingo’ plenary with caller’s card Highly engaging lesson! Also included is a Christmas Bingo activity. 30 individual bingo cards. Full class set! For more great resources and full lessons visit my shop page here: (Credits: based on a blurb by Christ Priestley from the book The Dead of Winter, copyright free images used.)
Jonathan Meres Learning ResourcesQuick View

Jonathan Meres Learning Resources

Get creative in the classroom with these brilliant teaching resources to accompany a couple of Jonathan Meres's excellent books - including World of Norm! Activities include: * Create your own small book of big words (KS2 speaking and listening) * Be an agony aunt/uncle (KS2 writing) * Games of Call my Bluff (KS2 spelling)
Writing Intervention KS2 (Boys) - Skyrim ThemeQuick View

Writing Intervention KS2 (Boys) - Skyrim Theme

This is a writing intervention programme I have developed and used to engage boys with writing. It is based around a fictinal character called Gravlar. I have the introduction slides, plus a whole host of follow up focused activities. Activities include, creative writing, sentence structure, SPAG, drama, speaking and listening etc. It's not the finished article by a long way but it would fill at least a whole term engaging boys in writing! My boys loved it in year 4, we even did some green screen drama on ipads using videostar (free app). I have uploaded as much as I could find.
The Lion, the witch and the WardrobeQuick View

The Lion, the witch and the Wardrobe

Based on Chronicles of Narnia, this notebook contains enough tasks for pupils to complete for at least 6 weeks. It has a variety of differing text types and also includes speaking and listening activities. Originally written for Y6 revision it is a culmination of about 6 years work - enjoy! Request for alternative format now added in the form of a PPT file - I haven't played with the formatting so it may need &'tweaking&';!
"The Matrix" COMPLETE UNIT EDITABLE Activities,Tests,Essays,AP Style,KeysQuick View

"The Matrix" COMPLETE UNIT EDITABLE Activities,Tests,Essays,AP Style,Keys

A 119 page COMPLETE unit on the film! It is the perfect film to use in an English, History, Philosophy, Religious Studies, and Film course. NO FLUFF. This unit focuses on LITERARY DEVICES, SKILLS APPLICATION, and FILM ANALYSIS. Stills from film are on handouts. EXCEL files of all quizzes included for easy upload to Electronic Quiz program. * 22 READING/ANALYSIS SHORT ANSWER QUESTIONS (based on Bloom's cognitive levels) * 67 VIEWING QUESTIONS * 37 VIEWING/READING/LITERARY ANALYSIS MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS * 10 FOCUSED ACTIVITIES (Individual or group work)Brainstorming and Making Connections, Allusions, Technology and Artificial Intelligence, Symbols, Motifs and Finding Support, Significance of Names and Titles, Allegory of the Cave, Philosophy and Religion * 4 READER-RESPONSE ESSAY QUESTIONS * 2 FIVE-PARAGRAPH ESSAY PROMPTS * 1 AP STYLE PROMPT * 13 VOCABULARY WORDS DEFINED/HANDOUTS/QUIZ * 2 AP STYLE PASSAGE TESTS (analysis/application of skills) * EXAMPLE LITERARY ANALYSIS ON FILM
Greek Mythology Unit – Stories, Activities, Task Cards & More!Quick View

Greek Mythology Unit – Stories, Activities, Task Cards & More!

This is a rigorous Greek Mythology unit geared at student engagement, thinking, reading, and writing skills. It also includes a number of activities that would be perfect for literacy centers. There are more than 100 pages which include: Rewritten Greek Myths with Common Core Aligned Questions and Activities: - Once Upon a Beauty: The Story of Medusa - The Wonderful Weaver: The Story of Arachne - The Trojan Horse - The Greek Army - Love’s Echo - The Midas Touch - Psyche & Eros: The Story of Love - Heracles: The Twelve Labors - The Story of Zeus *********************************************** Myth Writing: Suggested Scope and Sequence Mentor Text Brainstorming Outlining Character Development Drafting Paper Revision & Editing Checklist Rubric ***********************************************
The Hobbit by Tolkien: Comprehensive Reading Guide / Study GuideQuick View

The Hobbit by Tolkien: Comprehensive Reading Guide / Study Guide

This 62-page reading guide (36 without the answer key) encourages active reading strategies and facilitates plot comprehension. Each section of this guided reading resource is divided by chapter and includes lists of vocabulary terms to be defined, key quotations in need of analysis, and hundreds of text-dependent questions to create a more purposeful reading experience. An answer key is included. This item covers the following and more: Description of a hobbit Gandalf’s first meeting with Bilbo Thorin’s ancestral history Bilbo’s reluctance to participate in the journey Bilbo’s role The trolls Gandalf as the mentor The adventurers’ general disdain toward Bilbo Elrond Moon letters Bilbo’s significant discovery Gollum’s characterization and peculiar habits The riddle contest The escape from Gollum and the cave The incident with the wargs The Eages’ aid Beorn’s background Beorn’s role as a protector of nature The dangers of Mirkwood Bombur’s dream The conflict involving spiders Bilbo’s strategic thinking and heroic victory The change in the adventurers’ perception of Bilbo The characterization of the wood elves Thorin’s imprisonment and stubbornness Bilbo’s growing frustrations with the other adventurers Lake Town, its inhabitants, and their reaction to the adventurers Bilbo’s plan to rescue the dwarves – and its weakness Lonely Mountain Bilbo’s growing seriousness toward his role The secret door of the mountain The significance of the thrush Smaug’s interactions with Bilbo Smaug’s reaction to the people of Lake Town The Arkenstone The exit from the mountain Bard’s talents and significance How the Master of Lake Town infuriated his people Smaug’s death The relationship between Thror’s people and ravens Roac’s recommendation The return to the mountain Bard’s attempt to rationalize with Thorin Thorin’s disinterest in sharing his wealth Bilbo’s secret bargaining with Bard and the Elvenking Gandalf’s pride in Bilbo Bilbo’s justification for the bargain Thorin’s angry response Dain’s involvement Battle of Five Armies Unity among factions Thorin’s dynamic character/sudden realization The Eagles’ return Honoring the dead Various new roles for previously met characters Bilbo’s return home Bilbo’s shocking discovery Bilbo’s new reputation