GCSE psychology [EDEXCEL]- Research methods - the basicsQuick View

GCSE psychology [EDEXCEL]- Research methods - the basics

This is a GCSE psychology lesson which covers the basics of research methods. The lesson is designed to last 90 minutes and there are 15 slides on the power point. This lesson also comes with a booklet/ worksheet which students should fill in whilst the lesson is being taught. All key information and activities are included on this worksheet. Challenge and extension tasks are provided on the power point. Included: Starter, students to work out the key methods based on the images. Title page, encouraging students to think about what they already know about research methods. Key concepts that will be covered- students to see which ones they can already define. Explanation of primary and secondary data- workbook task. Explanation of qualitative and quantitative data- workbook task. Different types of hypotheses, dependent & independent variables, controlling extraneous variables. Key content on the pp slide and in the workbook- application tasks for students to complete. Sampling techniques- students to complete strengths and weaknesses task in workbook. May need access to the GCSE psychology Edexcel textbook to help them with this. Research and experimental designs- students to complete table in workbook based on info on pp slide. 3 x short answer practice exam questions. Provided on the workbook. Mark schemes are included on the pp slides. Plenary- students workout missing words in the sentences.
AutobiographyQuick View


A unit of work based on auto biographical work with year seven
Teacher Work SampleQuick View

Teacher Work Sample

If you are student teaching or an experienced educator and need a sample of a well-done portfolio, then this is your resource! This sample includes 2 years of in-school research and may be used as a performance-based assessment tool for educators. It prompts teachers to reflect on instruction and student learning in order to improve their teaching practice. If you like this product, you will find other resources for graduate research, professional development, GED and SAT math prep, and general science lessons, plans, and Powerpoints in My Store.
Leisure and Tourism eBook: Unit 1Quick View

Leisure and Tourism eBook: Unit 1

Use these resources as part of a series of notes in the form of an e-book, with interactive activities and teachers’ guide to coincide with the WJEC GCSE Leisure and Tourism course. For more materials relating to this resource, please visit the NGfL site, linked below.
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Crime and Punishment

I have used resources produced by numerous teachers from this website. I have adapted this to teach in Scotland. I have shown them the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe as an introduction to this subject and have linked this in the powerpoint by using some slides from another TES resource. Topics covered include causes of crime such as alcohol and drugs,why we punish, prisons, what the government has done, what charities do. Capital punishment in the UK and elsewhere. Alternatives to prison and Religious responses to how we deal with crime. I teach in a single teacher department and therefore welcome criticism. I have a son who has Mears Irlens Syndrome and I have tried to make these resources as Mears Irlens friendly as possible.