A Level Biology - Edexcel Topic 7 NotesQuick View

A Level Biology - Edexcel Topic 7 Notes

Detailed, high-level revision notes for Topic 7 - Run for Your Life - of the Edexcel A Level Biology Specification A (SNAB), with 8 pages of typed up notes, with diagrams and flowcharts to illustrate key ideas and processes. Content for Topic 7 can appear in two of the three A level papers - Paper 2, or the synoptic Paper 3. Sub-Topics Included: Muscles and Joints Sliding Filament Theory Aerobic Respiration: Glycolysis, Link Reaction, Krebs Cycle and Electron Transport Chain Anaerobic Respiration and Fatigue Instant Energy and Balancing the Three Energy Systems Aerobic Capacity Control of Heart Rate Electrocardiograms Breathing Homeostasis Temperature Control Excessive Exercise and Immune Suppression Keyhole Surgery and Prosthesis Performance Enhancement This resource was produced by a Biological Natural Sciences Student at the University of Cambridge.
Whole of Topic 3 BiologyQuick View

Whole of Topic 3 Biology

This includes flashcards that are made according to the specification for the Edexcel 9-1 course. The questions are on the left and the answers are on the right.
IAL Biology Edexcel Topic 3- Prokaryotic cellsQuick View

IAL Biology Edexcel Topic 3- Prokaryotic cells

Designed for the new specification International A-level edexcel course but can be modified for other exam boards. 18 slides covering Prokaryotic cells By the end of the powerpoint students would have covered: -The ultrastructure of Prokaryotic cells. -Understand the function organelles in Prokaryotic cells Powerpoint contains a exam style question
IAL Biology Edexcel Topic 3- The cell cycleQuick View

IAL Biology Edexcel Topic 3- The cell cycle

Designed for the new specification International A-level edexcel course but can be modified for other exam boards. 21 slides covering The cell cycle By the end of the powerpoint students would have covered: -The cell cycle’s role in the production of identical daughter cells for growth and asexual reproduction. Powerpoint contains exam questions
A Level Biology Topic 7 - Modern GeneticsQuick View

A Level Biology Topic 7 - Modern Genetics

A Level Biology Topic 7 - Modern Genetics Edexcel Biology B PowerPoint presentation of over 100 slides covering the whole topic This topic builds on the knowledge of nucleic acids and proteins and how they are involved in gene expression. Knowledge of epigenetics, the use of stem cells and how these are contributing to medical advances are considered. The ethical implications of the use of gene technology in scientific developments are discussed. 7.1 Using gene sequencing 7.2 Factors affecting gene expression 7.3 Stem cells 7.4 Gene technology
Topic 3: Organisms exchange substances with their environment (AQA A-level Biology)Quick View

Topic 3: Organisms exchange substances with their environment (AQA A-level Biology)

17 Resources
This lesson bundle contains 17 detailed and fully-resourced lessons which cover the following specification points in topic 3 of the AQA A-level Biology specification: Topic 3.1 The relationship between the size of an organism or structure and its surface area to volume ratio The development of systems in larger organisms as adaptations that facilitate exchange as this ratio reduces Topic 3.2 Adaptations of gas exchange surfaces as shown by gas exchange in single-celled organisms, insects, bony fish and the leaves of dicotyledonous plants The gross structure of the human gas exchange system The essential features of the alveolar epithelium as a surface over which gas exchange takes place The mechanism of breathing to include the role of the diaphragm and the intercostal muscles Topic 3.3 During digestion, large molecules are hydrolysed to smaller molecules Digestion in mammals by amylases, disaccharidases, lipase, endopeptidases, exopeptidases and dipeptidases Mechanisms for the absorption of the products of digestion by cells lining the ileum of mammals Topic 3.4.1 The structure and role of haemoglobin in the loading, transport and unloading of oxygen The effects of carbon dioxide concentration on the dissociation of oxyhaemoglobin The general pattern of blood circulation in a mammal The gross structure of the human heart Pressure and volume changes and valve movements during the cardiac cycle The structure of the arteries, arterioles and veins The formation of tissue fluid and its return to the circulatory system Topic 3.4.2 Xylem as the tissue that transports water The cohesion-tension theory of water transport Phloem as the tissue that transports organic substances in plants The mass flow hypothesis for the mechanism of translocation in plants If you would like to sample the quality of the lessons included in this bundle, then download the following lessons which have been uploaded for free Alveolar epithelium Absorption in the ileum Arteries, arterioles and veins Formation of tissue fluid Translocation
IB Biology Topic 7 Nucleic Acids Bundle - Higher LevelQuick View

IB Biology Topic 7 Nucleic Acids Bundle - Higher Level

3 Resources
Created by an IB Assistant Examiner. Complete IBDP Biology Higher Level AHL Topic 7 BUNDLE - everything you need to teach the IB Diploma HL Biology topic, Nucleic Acids. This bundle contains 133 slides, approximately nine hours of lessons. The three Google Slides Presentations cab be used in-person and online or distance learning. These can also be added to your Google Classroom, or downloaded as a PowerPoint presentations. Save yourself time - don’t recreate the wheel. This resource is ready to use as-is with no effort needed from you! All my resources are informed by my more than two decades experience teaching IB Biology, so you can be sure you are getting the right information. Bundle Contains: IBDP Biology Topic 7.1: DNA Structure and Replication IBDP Biology Topic 7.2: Transcription and Gene Expression IBDP Biology Topic 7.3: Translation Features of the PowerPoint Presentations: Multimedia links such as videos and animations Highly visual, with clear definitions (helpful for EAL/ESL students) Clear bullet points (not too much text on each slide) and helpful images Links to websites and articles for further inquiry and extension ToK (Theory of Knowledge) links Use of IB Command terms for tasks (state, discuss, explain, etc). Student tasks Exam review questions from past IB Exams, plus mark schemes Official IB understandings and guidance Easy to use, and organised to be used as-is Introduction and Review slides These International Baccalaureate Diploma Progamme guided inquiry lessons are also suitable for other curriculum programs - any kind of High School Biology course that focuses on scientific inquiry, such as AP Biology or Honors Biology.
Topic 3 Genetics - IB biologyQuick View

Topic 3 Genetics - IB biology

This is a booklet of all the SL parts of Topic 3 Genetics in the IB Diploma course. These notes are helpful when using to revise for exams as they include annotated diagrams of the step by step process of Meiosis as well as all the other key areas of this topic such as Punnett squares and many more.
CONCISE A* AS Biology AQA Topic 3 (gas exchange, digestion, mass transport) revision notesQuick View

CONCISE A* AS Biology AQA Topic 3 (gas exchange, digestion, mass transport) revision notes

I’ve condensed the whole A Level Biology AQA course into a series of topic by topic guides. These notes have helped thousands of students achieve top grades, by helping them to understand exactly what the examiners are looking for. Easy to learn, concise, bullet point revision notes Covers every point on the current AQA specification Based on the analysis of 10+ years of past papers and mark schemes I am currently on the process of updating all my notes - this will involve a few modifications to content, new diagrams, better formatting and the long awaited addition of required practicals. I will add them as separate downloads as I go so you will be able to download them in future even if not complete at time of purchase. So far for topic 3 NEW topics include gas exchange, part 1 of mass transport in animals and mass transport in plants. Website: www.biologywitholivia.co.uk Instagram & TikTok: @biologywitholivia
MODEL ANSWERS for Biology Edexcel Alevel (SNAB), Topic 3 - The Voice of the GenomeQuick View

MODEL ANSWERS for Biology Edexcel Alevel (SNAB), Topic 3 - The Voice of the Genome

Model answers for all chapters in A-level Biology Topic 3, Edexcel. Exam-style questions and mark scheme answers simplified into topic/chapter order to make revision easier, based on other resources, textbook questions, and past papers. Contains 1 mark, 2 marks, 3 marks, 4 marks and 5mark answers based on Edexcel exam board. Content applicable to other examination boards including AQA, OCR and WJEC
A Level Biology B - Topic 8 - L2 Monohybrid and Dihybrid CrossesQuick View

A Level Biology B - Topic 8 - L2 Monohybrid and Dihybrid Crosses

Edexcel Biology B – Topic 8 – Origins of Genetic Information - L2 Monohybrid and Dihybrid Crosses Full 50 minute lesson on Monohybrid and Dihybrid cross. Suitable for all A-level specifications but was originally made for the New Edexcel Biology B Specification. Includes details of how to construct simple to complex punnet squares and also goes into the details of Mendel's 9:3:3:1 ratio and his original pea plant experiments.
SNAB Biology Topic 3 - 16x Mini-testsQuick View

SNAB Biology Topic 3 - 16x Mini-tests

16 Resources
16x quick (10 min) starter / assessment activities with around 10-15 questions/marks to test vocabulary and knowledge of different aspects of SNAB Topic 3 Voice of the Genome Each test includes feedback boxes and a mark scheme. • Eukaryotic cells • Prokaryotic cells • Secretory pathway • Meiosis • Linkage • Gametes • Fertilisation • Mitosis and Cell Cycle • Mitotic Index • Stem Cells • Differentiation • Levels of organisation • Polygenic inheritance • Multifactorial traits • Epigenetics • Cancer Designed for Salters-Nuffield AS/A2 Biology Edexcel Topic 3
Topic 3 Infection and response- Biology AQA trilogyQuick View

Topic 3 Infection and response- Biology AQA trilogy

5 Resources
In this bundle you will find powerpoints for every lesson in the third unit of the New AQA Combined Science Trilogy - Biology - Infection and response. There are worksheets, differentiated resources and a range of activities that are easy to follow and deliver. All these resources have been designed this year to meet the demands of the new AQA Trilogy course. This bundle covers everything from 4.3.1 on the specification to Feedback is much appreciated.
Topic B3: Organism-level systems (OCR Gateway A GCSE Biology)Quick View

Topic B3: Organism-level systems (OCR Gateway A GCSE Biology)

13 Resources
This bundle of 15 lessons covers the majority of the content in Topic B3 (Organism level systems) of the OCR Gateway A GCSE Biology specification. The topics covered within these lessons include: The nervous system The eye Hormones and the endocrine system Adrenaline Negative feedback loops Thyroid gland and thyroxine The menstrual cycle Contraception Using hormones to treat infertility Plant hormones Homeostasis Controlling body temperature Controlling blood glucose Diabetes Inside the kidney All of these lesson presentations and accompanying resources are detailed and engaging and contain regular progress checks to allow the students to constantly assess their understanding.
SNAB AS Biology Revision Resources for topic 2+3Quick View

SNAB AS Biology Revision Resources for topic 2+3

There seems to be a lack of revision resources for AS if you are teaching snab. I have done a series of revision aids. The posters are for the students to fill in and cover everything in the spec. The core practical sheets go through the background, method, what should happen and have example exam questions at the end. The powerpoint is a massive file, but is basically the whole of topic 2 for revision etc. I told my students they could print it our and cut each slide, so it becomes a set of revision cards!
Genetics - Biology Topic 3 Combined ScienceQuick View

Genetics - Biology Topic 3 Combined Science

Curated for GCSE students who want to revise/learn topic CB9 Ecosystems and Material cycles. Edexcel Biology Combined Biology content – Following the Edexcel curriculum. Neatly organised and can be used in conjunction of teaching and learning in school. For me as a teacher I find these most helpful to students when I print these booklets and hand them out to my students before the start of a new unit/topic. This booklet includes the following (please read before purchasing to find out if this will be useful for you and your students!) *For each chapter, theory to be learned. Every style of past paper exam question for each chapter in the topic (found on exam wizard). Mark schemes for the teacher