Where the Red Fern Grows Novel StudyQuick View

Where the Red Fern Grows Novel Study

Where the Red Fern Grows Novel Study and Supporting Materials. All kinds of resources to use when teaching the novel Where the Red Fern Grows. Included are chapter by chapter fill-in-the-blank questions (with answer keys) for review of the chapters, as well as multiple choice comprehension questions, vocabulary, quizzes, tests, and activities. I have my students keep a table of contents in their notebook, and do the activities in chapter order. Enjoy.
Common Core Aligned Poetry Resource UnitQuick View

Common Core Aligned Poetry Resource Unit

This is a unit that can stand alone as a "mini-unit" or supplement your current poetry unit. Each poem includes an in-depth analysis of the poem that requires students to evaluate the speaker’s message, use of literary devices, rhyme scheme, and summarize the poem. Lessons combine the elements of close reading with poetry, literary analysis, and free verse writing.Included: • Teacher Resource Guide aligned to CCSS • 13 poems with printable worksheets and answer keys. • Sample lesson plans • Writing Enrichment activities • Rigorous mini-lessons to teach simile, metaphor, personification, hyperbole with accompanying worksheets.
Boy of the Painted Cave Common Core Literature UnitQuick View

Boy of the Painted Cave Common Core Literature Unit

This Common Core Aligned Literature Unit is designed for 6th grade, but could be used at multiple grade levels. It includes vocabulary, comprehension, informational text analysis, writing, and literary analysis and is aligned to the history curriculum in 6th grade.
Yr 5 Narrative Unit 3 Stories from other culturesQuick View

Yr 5 Narrative Unit 3 Stories from other cultures

Using stories and Animated Tales based on oral stories from the Middle East and India children discover the first story ever written down, that dialogue poems are a popular text form in the Gulf and how a collection of stories can be written within a frame story. Find other lesson plans and resources at www.hamilton-trust.org.uk.
Big write week 2Quick View

Big write week 2

All materials are based on the work of others found on the internet, many thanks for those who shared their work before me.
Rigorous Common Core Aligned Poetry BundleQuick View

Rigorous Common Core Aligned Poetry Bundle

This resource is a combination of all of my poetry resources which include: • Locomotion Novel Unit • Poetry Resource Unit • Poetry Analysis Resource • Poetry Resource Pack: Mini-books, Templates, Graphic Organizers
DurgaMata's Blog part 9Quick View

DurgaMata's Blog part 9

Continuation of blog started in September 2011. As a practising theist, who tries to respond to all the ups and downs of life from a spiritual perspective, I feel that my life experiences may be a useful resource. Some have been kind enough to encourage me with this. A few people tell me that they read it regularly, so for them and any other casual readers I continue. The one on 29th and 30th includes 2 photos of the kitties aged 4 weeks best wishes and love to all DMC
QCA Science SOW & Objectives KS1,2,3Quick View

QCA Science SOW & Objectives KS1,2,3

I found this document after a long search on the internet. It dates back to early 2000 and has the complete breakdown of topics, learning objectives, outcomes, possible activities and teaching notes. Published by the QCA.
DurgaMata's Blog - part 6Quick View

DurgaMata's Blog - part 6

Valentines Day today, but the first blog is just to catch up a bit. My computer is ill so I could only write on paper for a few days, 13th = background info about me and my hubbie, + when we went to Paris Disney last year to celebrate my mother-in-law's 90th birthday. 15th is mostly about Valentine's day, love and relationships in general - mostly me and my hubbie. I was asked to prepare a Biography for something else - but I thought it might interest my blog-readers. Sorry for blog-gaps. My laptop died and I have little access to a computer.
Blog for November 2013 - spring 2014Quick View

Blog for November 2013 - spring 2014

2 Dec (1) - Nov 28 (2) - 29th (Ma's birthday.) Both with photos 13 - 16 Dec our Nelson Mandela prog, 17 - 21st bit from Deepak Chopra and Christmas Day Radio 26- 28th - daughter in India + Chopra insights on relationships. Jan 7th, update, family, Chrisn/Muslm orgs working with ex-gang-Members 14th work + half-milliion mark 15 - 19 Jan inc sponsors for son? and &'tummy trouble.&'; 9th Feb hospital and poems. 13th - 20th Feb inc photos 23rd a long blog inc resource on Sala/God interfaith events + photos + poems. March 14-18 includes bits from Liverpool RE Confrnc 18 - 21 new job?