Britain since 1945Quick View

Britain since 1945

4 lessons for the mini-topic "Britain since 1945". Would suit higher ability year 9, 10 or 11 or could be used as a straight forward introduction to AS Level. Lesson 1 focuses on the fall of the Conservatives after WW1. Students gather information and rank the reasons they believed caused the post-WW1 decline of the Tory party. Lesson 2 aims to enable students to investigate the rise of the Labour party and the establishment of the Welfare State, as students will have to work together to extract information and support eachother. Lesson 3 mirrors lesson 1 and gives focus to the fall of the Labour Party, Clement Atlee's role and the years of Conservative power that followed, with an independent work sheet and the analysis of a cartoon. Lesson 4 recaps lesson 3, and the gives focus to the shift in teenage subcultures in the 1950s and 60s. Information gathering and potential to lead to interesting discussions of teenage subcultures today. Includes an optional homework to finish the unit.
Making of Modern Britain 1951-2007  AQA HIS3MQuick View

Making of Modern Britain 1951-2007 AQA HIS3M

Materials for Making of Modern Britain AQQ ; comments suggestions appreciated. I'm NQT and very keen to share other resources especially worksheets and lesson activities! Drop me an email if you'd be interested in joining a dropbox resource with more.
DurgaMata's Blog - part 5Quick View

DurgaMata's Blog - part 5

16 - 17th Jan - Homophobia and sex-education 18th - 20th parking frustrations + gratitude to friends for helping my daughter . 20 - 23 outline only - 24 - 25th includes comment on competition and ‘excellence’ in school and on some of the atrocities committed by the British Raj in India + news of the rest of the day. An article about Lahore and Partition with interviews. 26th - flier and business card for Silk-Painting + Monsanto. Is it the world’s worst company? 29th Jan + ‘Against all the odds.’ 6th Feb is about the snow and 7th about Mum and being independent.
Religious Prejudice Christian Muslim, Israel, ShiaQuick View

Religious Prejudice Christian Muslim, Israel, Shia

a range of articles on these topics from Internet including about the relationship between Shia and Sunni Muslims in Pakistan (most recent example of Religious Prejudice resulting in deaths that I know of - in 2013.) and some history of the Israel/Palestine conflict. I will add to this should other examples arise.
Human Rights Through FilmQuick View

Human Rights Through Film

Resources to accompany film screenings of Slumdog Millionaire, Blood Diamond, The Kite Runner, Hotel Rwanda, Boy In The Striped Pyjamas, Good and Persepolis including: Blood Diamond (15+) A comprehensive teaching resource including lesson plans, drawings by child soldiers and much more to support an indepth study of the film and the issues it raises. The Kite Runner (12+) Additional companion guide including activities and lessons to engage students in a discussion of complex issues such as ethnic diversity, gender inequality, and the interplay between upper and lower socio-economic and political classes in Afghanistan. Hotel Rwanda (12+) Three lessons and various activities for teachers to use in conjunction with a screening of the film.
Prime Ministerial DominanceQuick View

Prime Ministerial Dominance

Lesson and range of resources that can be used to encourage students to analyse and evaluate the extent of prime ministerial power and dominance in the UK political system.
ART & Ofsted. 52 Resources for an Outstanding Department.Quick View

ART & Ofsted. 52 Resources for an Outstanding Department.

Ofsted busting Art Schemes, resources, policies, guides, visuals ... everything! 52 resources updated for 2018. All resources in this bundle have been used in an Ofsted "outstanding" Art department. Get your own department Ofsted ready by ensuring your Art Department has thorough documentation and offers students a complete art experience. This massive resource for Secondary School Art departments comprises 52 individual files. These include: A full year of schemes of study A vast range of supporting visuals and slide shows Student and staff handbooks Student feedback forms Policies including Health and Safety and a Gifted and Talented policy Cross curricular information such as colours in different languages A vision for Art Education Art Technician duty list and ..... The Complete KS3 Art Curriculum Book ..... plus much, much more. These resources have been produced by Mael Matthews, experienced Head of Department, professional artist and Senior A level Moderator. Follow Mael on Twitter @maelhmatthews Please remember to leave feedback. We value your views. Art resource by Start Creative Resources.
Art 2020. 56 resourcesQuick View

Art 2020. 56 resources

Art. 56 amazing resources! Updated to include 15 different image banks - over 500 photos! Everything needed for primary and secondary art. Hopefully the extent of this resource can be seen by the size of the download. A huge resource (56 different downloads) comprising schemes of work, student and staff handbooks, support resources, image banks, marking schemes, policies, report comments, presentations, promotional materials and much more. Everything you need to get an Art Department up and running. The resource pack covers KS2, KS3, 4 and 5, but could also be adapted to support Art at Primary level. An invaluable tool for ensuring that your department is Ofsted ready! Please don't forget to leave a comment. We value your views!