the Art Teacher's HandbookQuick View

the Art Teacher's Handbook

Updated for 2016! My Art Teacher’s Handbook is a 300 page guide to teaching art for Primary and Secondary art teachers, Coordinators and Dept Heads. Whether you are an NQT, a new teacher, a trainee or even an experienced art teacher, the Art Teacher’s Handbook will help you. Also included are a host of supporting resources! The Handbook is a recommended NSEAD Expert Advisory Group publication. Completely revised and rewritten for 2016! It contains: • A 300 page fully illustrated Ebook • Complete Assessment & Progression guide for Primary & Secondary • Editable Word docs for planning, progression and assessment • 8 sample schemes of work, • a Bloom’s in art guide • Skills and Technique PDF’s • A teaching art history ebook with formal elements worksheets • Posters • iPads in art ebook • 40 supporting files including lesson plans and skills sheets. For more fantastic art resources visit my TES store
KS2 ART, Unit 3B: Investigating PatternQuick View

KS2 ART, Unit 3B: Investigating Pattern

This lesson plan was created to support the William Morris exhibition at Two Temple Place, London's newest exhibition space, This year we are running a series of FREE storytelling workshops for KS2 pupils that are designed to improve children&'s literacy and interaction with art. These will run in line with our upcoming exhibition &';Amongst Heroes: the artist in working Cornwall (1880-1920)'. To book, contact Sarah Hardy on 020 7836 3715 or
Levelled Report Writing Statement BankQuick View
Opera DivaOpera Diva

Levelled Report Writing Statement Bank

Word document of report writing statements for Early Years linked to FSP, English, Maths, ICT, Science, History, RE, Geography, Art, Music, PE, DT and PSHCE linked with SEAL.
Time Travel English SoWQuick View

Time Travel English SoW

This SoW takes students from the Romans' departure from Britain to the BBC newsreader, via Chaucer's Canterbury Tales, Renaissance drama, & Victorian novelists. One powerpoint covers Old & Middle English, the other covers Early Modern and Late Modern English. Please rate & comment! Lessons: Beowulf - monsters, mates & kennings Manuscripts - celebrating awesomeness Vicious Viking, posh Noble & poor Peasant Conversations Canterbury Tales - acting & updating Printing Press posters King Arthur & Bestiaries Renaissance Drama (Jonson, Lyly & Shakespeare) - independent work & reading assessment Dickens research project & literary caricatures Scandalous Victorian Newspaper Stories Penny Dreadful creative writing Time Travel Novels - The Lost World & The Time Machine: reading, writing & comparing Ingenious Inventions & etymology Words of the World Stream of Consciousness BBC RP
Under the Sea Medium Term PlanningQuick View

Under the Sea Medium Term Planning

used with year 1/2 medium term full lesson plans for foundation subjects - science, music, pe, re, pshe, geography, history, art/design. Hope it saves someone some time! Please feel free to leave a comment.
Symbolism in Buddhism - especially the lotusQuick View

Symbolism in Buddhism - especially the lotus

material here from several different websites - will save a lot of time but still needs some unpicking. The Lotus symbolism explained in different ways, including symbolism of the colour. Lotus in Chinese art -
KS2 Stone Age Resources: Creative Cross-Curricula Topic PackQuick View

KS2 Stone Age Resources: Creative Cross-Curricula Topic Pack

This resource bundle contains 10 separate lesson packs plus a 7 worksheet activity pack. The packs' lengths range between 2 hrs and 3 lessons meaning that this package has the potential to contain up to 25 hours of Stone Age themed learning for your class. Everything needed for each lesson is included including teachers' notes. Contains: - a 6 lesson complete Art/DT unit + MTP - a time detectives lesson which looks at the era holistically - a time detectives lesson focusing on clothing and possessions - a creative/big writing stimuli lesson requiring children to create their own Stone Age person - a creative/big writing stimuli lesson centred around an imagined scary day - a 7 worksheet creative activity pack perfect for basing lessons upon or filling those spare moments in class with topic related activities. For more information on each lesson see the individual description pages. All images either sourced from or copyright owned by tftf.
Macbeth - Controlled Assessment guideQuick View

Macbeth - Controlled Assessment guide

This booklet contains a selection of key extracts from the play, with differentiated questions, writing frames, and guidance on how to complete a controlled assessment task. It was used to prepare students for a controlled assessment task which compares Lady Macbeth, Macbeth, and the speaker from 'The Laboratory&' (specifically the AQA Literature GCSE), and collates many of the activities we had completed in class. Leave any questions or suggestions in the &';comments' box below - this is my debut resouce upload! Nick
KS3 Poetry over time activityQuick View

KS3 Poetry over time activity

Best to read the uploaded instructions doc but essentially, an easily adaptable resource providing an introduction to poetry. It will also set them up for the poetry anthology to be completed at the end of the scheme of work.
Poetry through the agesQuick View

Poetry through the ages

Scheme of work and poetry booklet suitable for KS3 (originally written for Y8) covering poets from Shakespeare to Heaney. Also includes Sassoon; Owen; Browning; Lewis Carroll; Christina Rossetti; Blake; Keats; Shelley; Wordsworth and Johnson.
Intro to FrankensteinQuick View

Intro to Frankenstein

Powerpoint contains some contextual overview and objectives, geared to OCR AS spec, prose for exam... but could be adapted to suit other specs. Explains the pre-reading activity and includes discussion of ways of reading. Extracts for students to apply their knowledge to. Can be done if they've read the novel but would work equally well as a pre-reading activity.
Robert Browning OCR AS (Part 2)Quick View

Robert Browning OCR AS (Part 2)

PowerPoints and worksheets to help with the teaching of Robert Browning's poetry, aimed at the OCR AS specification. Answers to the questions on the worksheets are in the note field of the relevant slides on each PowerPoint.
SOW- Literary Heritage PoetryQuick View

SOW- Literary Heritage Poetry

A Unit of work covering the poets Blake, Wordsworth and Frost. includes a SOW, powerpoints, starters, homework and worksheets.
Moon on the Tides: Relationships lessonsQuick View

Moon on the Tides: Relationships lessons

Using the excellent material provided by AQA and the TES, i put together powerpoints/ activities for the poems in the 'Relationships&' anthologies. They include activities, information, audio, video links. You can pick them up and go. The only one missing is &';To His Coy Mistress' as we approached that in a different way and also, i think some of the audio might be mixed up (don&'t know how or why?!) so do check before you go into lessons.
Yr 6 NF Unit 4 Formal/Impersonal writing: TouristsQuick View

Yr 6 NF Unit 4 Formal/Impersonal writing: Tourists

Use leaflets and websites of castles and tourist sites to provide examples of many different text types. Study features of formal language and transform ‘officialese’ into accessible English. Children then create a virtual guided tour using appropriate language styles. Find other lesson plans and resources at