Fairy Tale Activities for EYFSQuick View

Fairy Tale Activities for EYFS

A selection of fairy tale themed resources for the EYFS. Includes: Three Bears Topic Web: all areas of EYFS Three Pig House Junk Model Plan: Expressive Arts and Design Making Gingerbread Men Baking Plan: Physical Development and Literacy Three Pigs Story Picture Plan: Expressive Arts and Design and Literacy
Fairy-tales PowerpointsQuick View

Fairy-tales Powerpoints

These are some of the PowerPoint's that work alongside my Fairy-tales scheme of work. For the assessment lesson there are differentiated assessment tasks for students.
Fairy GuardiansQuick View

Fairy Guardians

Fairies are said to be protectors of nature. Meet Rowan, Hazel and Holly. They'd love to tell you what they want to do for woods. Who is your favourite? Print them out and colour them in. You and your family can help the woodland guardians too. Tell the real life woodland guardians what you love about woods and trees. Get kids outdoors exploring and bring the outdoors into your classroom with this fresh activity from the Woodland Trust&'s nature detectives website.
Tooth Fairy Activity BookQuick View

Tooth Fairy Activity Book

Have your students ever wondered about the Tooth Fairy? What does she look like? What does she do with all of the teeth she collects? This booklet is designed to help children learn a little more about the Tooth Fairy and also learn about other customs from around the world. Included: History of the Tooth Fairy Thinking about the Tooth Fairy Different customs from around the world Chart of baby teeth What do you think? A picture of the tooth fairy Tooth Fairy word search Tooth Fairy crossword puzzle Tooth Fairy envelopes Tooth Fairy sign A thank you letter to the Tooth Fairy All artwork is original and created by myself. Thanks for looking at my products, Yvonne Crawford Total Pages 15 Answer Key N/A Teaching Duration N/A
Fairy-tales introductionQuick View

Fairy-tales introduction

A PowerPoint on what fairy-tales are and the structure that they follow. Uses the Story Mountain concept: opening, build-up, dilemma, resolution and ending.
Story graphs with fairy talesQuick View

Story graphs with fairy tales

A lesson based on kurt vonneguts story graphs - pupils sequence a simple fairy tale then produce their own stoy graph of the key events like the ones shown in the infographic and on the powerpoint - they then learn a little about kurt vonnegut the author before comparing their story graphs with the persons next to them and looking for similarities and differences in the stories as a plenary. they can also identify the main story type
Fairy tales unitQuick View

Fairy tales unit

A powerpoint and series of differentiated activities based around fairy tales. I used this with Year 4 and the activities worked really well. Hope somebody else can find them useful
Fairy tale activity packQuick View

Fairy tale activity pack

This activity pack introduces pupils to two traditional fairy tales, Jack and the Beanstalk and The Gingerbread Man. Pupils read through the stories with the teacher and then complete a series of activities that describe characters, sequence events and discuss what is needed for good beginnings, middles and endings when writing stories. Objectives: to retell and recount two traditional fairy stories to sequence events in a story to describe characters from a story
Fairy tales - ideasQuick View

Fairy tales - ideas

I have been collecting ideas for different fairy tales and ways to enthuse and engage the children. Hopefully you will find something useful here. THey are from a varietyof different sources.
Fairy tales /castles assemblyQuick View

Fairy tales /castles assembly

This is a class assembly I used with year 1 children. It has information about castles and then the children act out their own fairy tales.
Fairy Tale BookletQuick View

Fairy Tale Booklet

Planning booklet for children to create their own version of a familiar fairy tale.
Fairy-tale charactersQuick View

Fairy-tale characters

A PowerPoint based around characters within fairy-tales. Looking into how characters fit into the story mountain, and adjective use to add interest into the story.
Fairy Tales/Traditional TalesQuick View

Fairy Tales/Traditional Tales

Language activities on a range of tales - Elves and Shoemaker, Snow White and Rose Red, Rumpelstiltskin, the Little Mermaid, Sinbad, Hansel and Gretel, Jack and the Beanstalk and The Frog Prince. All in one file but you can pick and choose which pages you want to use. Tick list of fairy tales for children to track themselves. Activity booklet - activities for early finishers linked to topic.


This song tells the story of a tooth fairy who wants to become a surgeon. It may comfort children worried about a wobbly tooth or going into hospital. As well as performing it, pupils can write their own songs/poems about a character who is fed up wants a change. Other creative tasks: diaries, letters, posters &c. The subtext for anyone worried about career choices is: one thing can lead to another. Enjoy using the song as a resource for lessons é concerts! This is my own song é recording so I own the copyright. See base of lyric sheet for details.
Fairy Tales Paper Bag PuppetsQuick View

Fairy Tales Paper Bag Puppets

This is a great activity to complete when students are reading some well known fairy tales. These Fairy Tale Paper Bag Puppets are so much fun for your students to create and then play with. Includes: 1 little girl with a red cape heading to see grandma + grandma + wolf a golden haired girl who gets lost in the woods + one of three bears one little pig who is trying to build a house + a wolf that likes to huff and puff a princess + a prince + a witch 4 simple writing activities to choose from - just color, cut and glue to the back of the puppet Have tried to create each of these so that something will hang over the edge of the bag please look at the preview These Fairy Tale Paper Bag Puppets are a lot of fun to create and play with! What is needed to make these Fairy Tale Puppets: paper, scissors, glue, coloring pencils brown paper bags (I bought mine in Michigan USA at a dollar store. They come 40 in a bag for $1.) Size listed on bag: 5 1/8 x 3 1/8 x 10 5/8 inches or 13 x 7.9 x 27 cm If your bag is a different size then just adjust your photocopying. Always make sure you download and save the project before printing! Sometimes customers just right click on the preview of a download and things don’t print properly! Enjoy your Fairy Tale Paper Bag Puppets.
Adapting Fairy Stories (Years 9 and 10)Quick View

Adapting Fairy Stories (Years 9 and 10)

Students delve into the conventions of fairy stories, considering their structure and language. Having established the stylistic techniques, and engaged in short-burst writing activities in the 'traditional style', they then look at different adaptations of the tales before rewriting them from different viewpoints - like the witch's viewpoint in 'Hansel and Gretel', and the wolf's viewpoint in 'The Three Little Pigs'. They then have fun reading 'politically correct' fairy tales, and after oral rehearsal, pair work, group work and drama activities, write their own 'politically correct' stories. Two assessment tasks, a peer assessment activity and a homework VLE unit complete the package. Contents: (6-8 lesson scheme of work, full resources and lesson plans) Classroom presentations VLE Homework presentation 9 page workbook Peer assessment resource Full lesson plans Note: All images are free to use commercially.
Foyle Lesson Plan: Poetry, mythology and fairy talesQuick View

Foyle Lesson Plan: Poetry, mythology and fairy tales

Isla Anderson's 2014 Foyle Young Poets of the Year winning poem 'Prometheus Goes to A&E’, is a highly-structured, satirical poem inspired by and based in ancient mythology and the figure of Prometheus. This resource is based on her winning poem and enables pupils to: • Explore the reinvention of classic myths and legends in poetry • Reflect upon and engage with the power of strict form and rhyme • Draft and edit their own poem
Brothers Grimm Readers Theater Fairy Tale CollectionQuick View

Brothers Grimm Readers Theater Fairy Tale Collection

A Collection of Seven Fairy Tales, adapted to Reader’s Theater, originally written by Brothers Grimm, and given a wee twist by Sue Russell. *As explained below, these scripts are available separately – but together, this collection offers a 60% discount. Rumpelstiltskin Rapunzel Little Red Riding Hood Hansel and Gretel Cinderella Sleeping Beauty Snow White These plays each have a cast of 6. Reading time varies between 10 – 15/20 minutes. With synopsis, teaching input, discussion and suggestions for further activities. *These scripts are available as separate plays (without Readers Theater adaption i.e. with music suggestions and stage directions). Sample Text from Rumpelstilskin: Narrator: Good morning. And welcome to one of our favourite fairy tales Rumpelstiltskin: Rumpelstiltskin! That’s me! Narrator: A veritable fiend! Villain! Crook! Rumpelstiltskin: (Interrupting) Er, wait a minute! Are we talking about the same fairy tale? Narrator: Well, I think so. Weren’t you the horrible little Rumpelstiltskin: (Interrupting) Could you be just a tiny bit less offensive? I mean, ‘horrible’, ‘little’. Aren’t there any rules on political correctness here? Narrator: (Apologetically) Oh I’m sorry. You’re right. I’ll try not to follow this script I have here, quite so much Rumpelstiltskin: Here! Let me take a look at that! (Snorting) Pah! As I thought! Those Brothers Grimm! The way they described their characters! They’d never get away with it today! ‘Little man’ indeed! How would they like to be vertically challenged? Narrator: You know, I do sympathise with you. I think you have a right to feel the way you do! Rumpelstiltskin: Well, thank you Narrator: But that doesn’t completely excuse your behaviour. Rumpelstiltskin: (Exploding) My behaviour? What about that of the king and the girl’s own father?
Lesson plans for writing own fairy talesQuick View

Lesson plans for writing own fairy tales

I used these plans with Year 1 children. They involved an outdoor lesson where the children created their own story boxes and then photographed different scenes to make a powerpoint. Included is a detail observed lesson plan and some of our finished stories.
Fairy Tales and Legends : The Pied Piper Narrative with a Variety of Literacy TasksQuick View
Alice KAlice K

Fairy Tales and Legends : The Pied Piper Narrative with a Variety of Literacy Tasks

This pack contains a comprehensive presentation of the narrative/legend 'The Pied Piper'. I have included thumbnails that show some of the tasks included as well as the complete presentation. It details the complete story with illustrations and teaching notes provided for each slide. It has sound effects as an additional feature. Within the presentation there are a variety of literacy 'follow on' tasks that learners could complete after familiarisation with the story and related vocabulary. The tasks are varied with active learning ,some written outcomes as well as speaking and listening outcomes. This story is like most fairy tales a wonderful experience for children to revisit the past and has magic and mystery within. My learners have always thoroughly enjoyed it and it is wonderful for discussion because of the unique and unexpected ending. Whiteboard 'quick fire' tasks are within the PowerPoint as well as some online links for further exploration.