Winter Story Prompts Creative WritingQuick View

Winter Story Prompts Creative Writing

20 winter themed Key Stage 2 (KS2) or early KS3 imaginative / creative writing story starters cards, featuring high quality photo prompts, vocabulary banks with descriptive words, prompt questions and more. Ideal for the winter months, with ideas for cold and snowy day stories, winter holidays and wintry setting descriptions. There is no reference to Christmas so you can use them with students who don’t celebrate Christmas and use in January and February as well as in November and December. These full-page story generators can be used across a range of abilities and ages, especially in Year 4, 5, 6 and 7 (Y4 / Y5 /Y6/ Y7), to spark ideas for stories. They’re great for reluctant writers and they have a dyslexia friendly format. PDF format (not editable for licensing reasons). You can purchase this as part of this Creative Writing Story Prompts BIG BUNDLE 100 Prompts! Use as warm ups, early finishers activities and as a framework for free writing sessions Each of the 20 A4 cards features a visual element (photo / picture stimulus), a starter sentence or part-sentence to help launch children into their fiction / narrative writing Prompt questions to get ideas going A word bank and suggested openers to add variety to their writing A box at the bottom reminds students to read their work aloud, check for full stops and capital letters and common spellings UK and US English versions included, with spellings and references to ‘full stops’ and ‘periods’ etc amended as appropriate Designed to offer maximum support for dyslexic learners and those with similar barriers to learning. Verdana font and spacing used are both dyslexia-friendly and the background colours are designed to reduce glare. Both the UK and US cards are also included with the background colours removed and could be used if printing on dyslexia friendly paper or card. Could be used to support the writing of a full story Could also work well as a regular tool to support struggling writers in one-to-one or small group sessions, where students write a few sentences inspired by the prompts, without worrying about completing a story   MORE LITERACY RESOURCES… KS2 Writing Writing and Grammar Activities Complex Sentences Cards Full Stops and Capital Letters Cards Improving Sentences Worksheets
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Story Starter - Winter - KS1 Literacy

KS1 Literacy - Story Starter - Winter Season This is a story starter for pupils to use as a springboard for their own story. This story starter is set in the Winter. Read it aloud to pupils and then discuss as a class what might happen next. This story can be written during a whole-class activity or ask pupils to complete the story independently.
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Christmas Story Starters

Christmas Story Starters. 50 Christmas writing prompts that you can use to help your students get writing creatively around the holidays. A winter creative writing handout or resource that will help students find something to write about! Quick and easy December printable handout. 2 pages. Have fun with writing! - HappyEdugator
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Creative Writing: Describing a Winter Setting

This resource focuses on describing setting during creative writing. It begins with a starter which focused on personification and teaches learners how to use personification and create it. The resource then shows a number of winter settings and encourages learners to describe the setting using the five senses. This can be printed as a page for learners to complete independently or in small groups. Alternatively, it can be completed as a whole class on the interactive whiteboard. The resource then talks the learners through the process of planning. This resource uses the story mountain format which has been attached as a pdf. Finally, the resource gives a modelled story opener to discuss with learners.
Animal Story Starters Quick View

Animal Story Starters

Animal Story Starters. Print out these animal story starters on lined paper to supplement your fairy tale unit or jungle theme, or print them all out just for fun. Stimulate imagination and give your students some time for creative writing. Researchers say that writing has become the lost "R" in reading, writing, and 'rithmetic, and suggest that students get more practice writing daily, even over the summer! Writing practice will boost handwriting, grammar, and spelling skills, too. Supports CCSS ( common core state standards ) for narrative writing in grades K-3. Kindergarten children often enjoy dictating stories for adults to write down, and these sheets can be keepsakes of the sweetest memories. Have students draw their own pictures on blank paper if they like, using the cartoon characters as guides.
Winter Creative Writing Story Prompts for EYFS and KS1Quick View

Winter Creative Writing Story Prompts for EYFS and KS1

These story prompts can be used for EYFS and KS1. Obviously, EYFS will struggle to write but they can be used as story starters for speaking and listening time. KS1 will enjoy these, there are sentence starters for the more able and word starters for the less able. Laminate for long term durability. Over 50 in total. File type is PDF.
Developing Inferential Skills in Reading and Writing - Comprehension Passages and Story StartersQuick View
Alice KAlice K

Developing Inferential Skills in Reading and Writing - Comprehension Passages and Story Starters

Two Packs included are intended to develop inferential skills in both reading and writing. Pack A - 'Read between the Lines' incorporates : 15 differentiated passages Literal and Inferential questions True/False and ‘Don’t Know’ statements to encourage close reading, skimming and scanning for details and reading for meaning. Pack B - 'Over to You!' incorporates: 18 differentiated story starts - opening passages ‘Openers’ word wall Prompts to encourage ‘quality ‘writing Writer’s craft editing sheet to encourage continuation of events, characters and setting. It is intended to provide writers with an initial start and to help develop a continuation of the writer's craft. Ideal as a ‘short burst’ writing task or can be used for more extended writing tasks. Would be delighted if you could leave feedback.
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Winter / Christmas Colouring Booklet

This Printable Winter/Christmas Coloring Booklet is an excellent resource for 3rd to 6th graders. These pages can be used as a writing prompt or a story starter. Writing pages are also included. Each page of this resource is designed with images that students will love to color. This will make an excellent display for your class or the hallway. Give 1 worksheet to each student, let them show their talent of coloring, then put them up on the bulletin board. With this purchase you will get 20 coloring pages, 1 cover page and 4 writing pages in Winter/Christmas theme. Ideas for incorporating these coloring pages into the classroom: Keep in a Quiet Corner or Zen Zone Use as an early finisher’s assignment Use as a whole class activity Use with students who need time to relax Offer as an indoor recess option Send home as a homework assignment If you have any query or suggestions, send me an email at:
Winter Literacy Bundle KS1/2Quick View

Winter Literacy Bundle KS1/2

3 Resources
A bundle of three resources themed around the season of Winter. A set of story starters, writing sentences, questions and answers and a grammar booklet. These can be printed out for individual children and will be great for differentiation.
Winter Colouring Book With Writing PagesQuick View

Winter Colouring Book With Writing Pages

This 16-page Winter colouring book includes two covers, 10 unique colouring pages and four coordinating writing papers that offer differentiation for your writers. These pages could be used for: story starters, early finishers, indoor play, writing prompts and more! Your children will enjoy showing their creative flair while colouring these designs. They are suitable for all ages and are a great way for your children to unwind and relax. Where can you find us? Instagram Pinterest Twitter Goodeyedeers Blog The money raised from the sale of this resource goes to a children’s charity called MedEquip4Kids
Winter Writing Prompts  (Grades 6-8)Quick View

Winter Writing Prompts (Grades 6-8)

This set of writing activities and history can be used for grades 6-8 and sp.ed. classes. Everything you need to get you through the winter months of January and February . Generic writing prompts and story starters just for winter. Included are narrative, persuasive, descriptive and expository prompts. For January, there are activities to Celebrate the New Year, to honor Martin Luther King Jr. Your students will be able to practice writing a timeline by using notes about MLK. They will also be asked to write an essay, in their own words, from the notes. There are also writing prompts and story starters. For February there are Ground Hog Day, and Valentine writing activities as well as a brief history of how the day came about with comprehension questions and answers for the teacher. Also included are story starters, as well as a section for haiku and acrostic poems. President’s Day is also during the month of February so there are activities to honor George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. ************************************************************************* Copyright©2016 Deann Marin (Socrates Lantern)All rights reserved by author. Permission for downloads to copy for singleclassroom use only. Electronic distribution limited to single classroom use.only. Not for public display.
Winter Writing Story: Writing Assignment: Winter Writing Activity: Fun, InteractQuick View

Winter Writing Story: Writing Assignment: Winter Writing Activity: Fun, Interact

Are you looking for something a little different this winter? A Winter activity that will excite your students, making writing a fun assignment during the cold winter months. This activity taps into students natural love of ‘creative writing’. They will learn how to use description, plot ideas, characters, what obstacles are and ultimately write their own Winter story. This activity can be performed individually, in pairs, small groups or as homework. The cubes are used only as a guide to help your students come up with alternative ideas. This Winter Story Writing Resource includes… • Detailed Lesson Plan ideas • Step-by-Step Pre-Write Guide • Winter Writing Paper • Setting Cube • Character Cube • Obstacle Cube • Story Starter Cube ▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼��▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼ Copyright © Laurena Lakeside. All rights reserved by author. Permission to copy for single classroom use only. Electronic distribution limited to single classroom use only. If you have any questions about this resource, please contact me at
Story TilesQuick View

Story Tiles

Simply print out onto card and cut out for a great and imaginative way to spark creative language from your students, whether for SEN, EAL, MFL or just to spark creative thought in your lessons or as a starter activity. Now 388 story-ready tiles in total! Includes food, buildings/places, animals, fantasy, time, seasons, Horror/halloween and Christmas symbols. Update 1: Now includes Halloween and Christmas symbols for Autumn and Winter themed lessons! Update 2: Thanks for buying we have added an additional version with names for EAL / SEN learners to use English Vocabulary. Updatate 3: Added fantasy, time and seasons icons! Now 388 tiles in total for endless story telling. Includes an easy to make story dice set out. Simply print out or attach story tiles to the dice, cut and glue to add some fun! Includes both with and without border .pub and .pdf files for easy printing. All money from this resource - and all our resources - goes into printing educational resources and books for our students in West London schools. Thank you for taking a look and please leave us a review!
Over 100 KS2 New Curriculum Morning StartersQuick View

Over 100 KS2 New Curriculum Morning Starters

A PowerPoint with starters suitable for KS2. Starters based on riddles, maths and English questions. Number, logic, problem solving, grammar questions. Based on the New Curriculum. These can be used daily during registration or as starters before lessons. These can be worked out independently or in groups and require challenging and critical thinking. In PowerPoint so you can easily adapt if differentiation is required. Extra riddles included at the end of the PowerPoint, If you need any assistance my email is included in the last slide of the PowerPoint. See my shop for more resources
Squirrel PowerPoint EYFS/Y1 Autumn Winter Science AnimalsQuick View

Squirrel PowerPoint EYFS/Y1 Autumn Winter Science Animals

A 26 slide PowerPoint about Squirrels for EYFS/Y1. Suitable for use a as lesson starter, or to ignite interest, or for reinforcement. Full of beautiful, original photos. Best used in autumn or winter when squirrels are more obvious. The PowerPoint is read by the teacher, using either the notes seen in presenter view (go to slide show and then into presenter view). or from the notes pack attached in the download. It can be used to teach the Animals component of the National Curriculum for Science for Year 1. It starts in story form to engage pupils before leading them to consider: What squirrels look like - their characteristics Where they live What they eat How they behave Once studied, pupils can use their knowledge to compare squirrels with other animals. This PowerPoint can be used with our Squirrel Photo Pack and our Squirrel Worksheets for Y1. Brought to you by KS1 Nature
Art Thinkers Lesson StarterQuick View

Art Thinkers Lesson Starter

A power-point of various pieces of art with questions or activities, useful as a starter to an Art lesson or I use them as a thinking skills session after lunch. Where it says 'jigsaw&'- print out the picture onto A3 and cut up into smaller pieces. Then give one piece to each child or the children can choose a piece they feel confident with. The finished result looks a lot more like the original and is a good example of team work. I&';ve put up a photo of a picture we did recently.
Shakespeare starter kitQuick View
TES Resource TeamTES Resource Team

Shakespeare starter kit

Brush up on your knowledge of Shakespeare or share information with your classes with the help of these colourful fact cards. They cover the context of Shakespeare's plays, aspects of production and tips for language analysis, making them the perfect starter kit for teaching Shakespeare.
Primary Language Starter PackQuick View

Primary Language Starter Pack

Our primary languages downloadable pack is designed for Language Assistants and other native speakers who are new to teaching languages at primary level as well as giving advice to the host schools. The pack includes guidance on how to get started, examples of best practice, specific teaching ideas and resources for use in the classroom.
Syria/Chechenia/Iraq/Iran inspired refugee storyQuick View

Syria/Chechenia/Iraq/Iran inspired refugee story

This story arises from an art exercise in preparation for some animation work. The brief gave three 'random-generated&' words (Party, Aeroplane and Waiting) and asked for &';a scary story.' This story was inspired by my concern for all who are suffering from political upheaval around the world, especially in Syria, Chechenia, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan and so many other parts of the world. Use as a starter or stimulus for a unit of work on refugees and asylum seekers, war and peace or even aspects of Islam in today&'s world. I&';d love some feedback.