Collective Memory - Circle facts notes.Quick View

Collective Memory - Circle facts notes.

Circle Properties. A single page that you should print out at A4 size. Have the learners in groups. You have the sheet covered at the front of the class. One person from each group comes up and looks at a revealed section for 30 seconds. They then go back to their group who try to recreate the original document on their own paper. The person that went to look cannot draw anything for the next one minute. Then ask for the next person to come up for 30 seconds etc. Can be used to introduce the key words and circle properties or as a revision lesson.
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Circle of Friends

The National Autistic Society Autism Helpline often receives calls from parents and carers asking about ways of promoting inclusion and interaction with peers, for their child with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD). This information sheet provides a brief overview of a strategy called the Circle of Friends approach, which is used mainly in mainstream schools.
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The Caucasian Chalk Circle - Resource Pack

This resource pack from the National Theatre contains free downloadable pdf resources for teachers, students, researchers or anyone interested in discovering more about the National Theatre's production of &'The Caucasian Chalk Circle&';.
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The Caucasian Chalk Circle - Teacher Resource Pack

These resources are to accompany the production of The Caucasian Chalk Circle’ at the Unicorn in Feb/Mar 2015, for students in Year 7 - 12. The resources contain: A summary of the play Historical and political context A timeline of Brecht&'s life and key information on Brechtian Theatre Interviews with the creative team & images of the cast A Drama scheme of work with five detailed sessions: Brecht and Political Theatre The Prologue Performing Brecht The story of Azdak Grusha&’;s decision For more info visit:
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Sight Words are so often memorised by kiddos. This 265 page flip book product is an engaging way to have your kiddo's practice sight words. Each sight word has its own flip book. There are 3 per page for easy printing options. In this book your kiddo's will do the following: Trace It: Students trace over the sight word Color it: Students color or rainbow write the sight word Find it: Students look for and circle/color/spot and dot/highlight the sight word Read it: Students read the sentence and draw a picture to match. They can circle/highlight the sight word in the passage. Write it: Students write their own sentence using the sight word. This product includes the following sight words: all am are at ate be black brown but came did do eat four get good have he into like must new no now on our out please pretty ran ride saw say she so soon that there they this too under want was well went what white who will with yes
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Solving Word Problems

This is a worksheet I made to support my class in solving word problems. The lesson was based around reading the problems, extracting key information and then formulating (and solving) the number sentences. It has been differentiated 3 different ways, which is shown at the top right of the page. It includes an introduction page with WALT. The weeks work was based on the book 365 penguins, please check it out!
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New Zealand Sight Words - Graphs

47 graph templates using NZ sight words from the Magenta to Orange levels. Students circle the words, colour the graph and write the number in the circle below. A great way to cover literacy and numeracy at the same time. The graphs progress in difficulty: At the Magenta level students are only working with a few words on a simple 5x4 graph. By the time they get to Orange, the task has become more challenging with the number of words that they need to plot on a 6x6 graph. For example: ♦ Magenta – 4 different words to graph. 15 words to circle and graph. A maximum number of 5. ♦ Orange - 6 different words to graph. 25 words to circle and graph. A maximum number of 6. Included: ♦ Magenta – 7 graphs ♦ Red – 6 graphs ♦ Yellow – 7 graphs ♦ Blue - 7 graphs ♦ Green – 9 graphs ♦ Orange – 11 graphs ♦ 2 blank templates to make your own activity. (Magenta and Orange templates). The thumbnail images above show a graph for Magenta, Yellow and Orange. The font used is ‘NZ Basic Script’. The letter/number shapes are the same as those recommended in the NZ Ministry of Education Handbook – ‘Teaching Handwriting’. Words Used: Magenta: I like going is mum look the am said to at went in me here my on dad a and come up can sat for Red: we get put with go no they today was where you she he this are will as too not but likes down big it little see so looked Yellow: when came one it’s make an all back day into oh out play ran do take that then there him saw his got looking of yes mother from her baby father Blue: have help here’s home let need again laugh soon talked could had find end making under very were your walk girl about don’t last what now goes because next than fun bag coming did or cake run Green: always good walked know please them use want feel just left best house old their right over love still took thank you school much brother sister round another myself new some asked called made people children away water how Mrs if I’m Mr who didn’t can’t after our time most Orange: man think long things wanted eat everyone two thought dog well more I’ll tree shouted us other food through way been stop must red door sea these began boy animals never work first lots that’s gave something bed may found live say night small three head town I’ve around every garden fast only many laughed let’s suddenly told word forgot better bring push Word List Acknowledgement: ********************************************************************** © Suzanne Welch Teaching Resources
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Wordy WIlliamWordy WIlliam

Ideas for word games

Myriad ideas for involving pupils with language and vocabulary of science, that should lead to an improvement in literacy skills and increase engagement with learning.
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SPaG Year 5 Word Grammar: Verb prefixes

A set of powerpoints and activities to teach verb prefixes such as dis-, de-, mis-, over- and re-, with a recap of previously learnt prefixes. POWERPOINTS: Prefixes un- dis- and mis-: Looks at the 3 prefixes; how they change the meanings of words; and words they can be added to. Changing words into negatives with prefixes: un, de, anti, dis and il Prefix meanings: 9 prefixes and their meanings Prefixes dis, de, mis, over, re and pre: Looks at each prefix and words containing them individually, so one can be taught per session. PRINTABLE FILES (PDF): Prefix list and meanings Prefix word list dis de mis over & re (word file) Wordsearch x 6 (un-, dis-, de-, mis-, pre- and re-) Change the paragraph to the opposite meaning using prefixes worksheet Definitions worksheets x 4 Definitions matching cards Extension work - more prefixes x 3 worksheets Negatives
Fry 101-200 Sight Word Fluency PassagesQuick View

Fry 101-200 Sight Word Fluency Passages

Practice sight word reading fluency with these sight word stories. Students will read the stories containing the sight word. Your students will be engaged in learning sight words by reading these different fluency stories. Each passage focuses on a single sight word so students can get a lot of practice with the target word they are learning. What is Included: One sight word passage for each sight word. Extra pages to account for alternate spellings Each sight word is presented in context, so students not only learn each sight word by sight, but also learn its correct usage in a sentence. All of the sight word write and read pages are print and go. These no prep pages make a great literacy activity, sub plans or independent sight word practice. Activities With These Pages: Simply have students read the sight word. Circle the target sight word in each passage. Send fluency passages home for homework. Use as easy, no prep sub plans. This packet contains Fry’s Second 100 High Frequency Words: after, again, air, also, America, animal, another, answer, any, around, ask, away, back, because, before, big, boy, came, change, different, does, end, even, follow, form, found, give, good, great, hand, help, here, home, house, just, kind, know, land, large, learn, letter, line, little, live, man, me, means, men, most, mother, move, much, must, name, need, new, off, old, only, our, over, page, picture, place, play, point, put, read, right, same, say, sentence, set, should, show, small, sound, spell, still, study, such, take, tell, things, think, three, through, too, try, turn, us, very, want, well, went, where, why, work, world, years
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Word Problems-NFL Fractions

Football season is here, and now is the time to get ready for some football math. Be the hero in your classroom when you hand out NFL Football-themed fraction word problem worksheets. If you are a 4th or 5th grade math teacher, this is for you! The clip art on each page is great and NFL Football themed. Word problems include tables and charts along with questions that involve adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing, and comparing fractions. Also included is a listing of the 32 teams with their logo. Answer key included. I have additional NFL-themed resources in My Shop, so please stop by. Total Pages-11
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Chinese Word Search_workbook

A collection of 中文 word search for beginner learners of Chinese. A fun way to help you recognise and revise characters. This workbook covers vocabulary featured in the textbook, Jin Bu 1
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Sight words - primer distance learning worksheets

Sight words distance learning worksheets is a collection of fun worksheets for kids to learn basic words. In this primer version, all 52 Dolch sight words from the primer sight word list are represented. Each sheet has various activities to help the student learn the particular sight word, including the following: Read: Four simple sentences each with the particular sight word featured with the word highlighted in each sentence. Trace: Examples of the sight word for the student to trace over with dotted third guidelines. Color: An outlined version of the sight word for the student to have fun coloring in. Write: An empty tow of dotted thirds lines for the student to practice writing the sight word. Find: A range of various sight words in various sizes for the student to look through to find and identify the particular sight word. There are several occurrences of the sight word to be found an circled. Search: A classic wordsearch grid with a handful of occurrences of the particular sight word to be found. Letters: Where the student can record the number of letters in the particular sight word. Syllables: Where the student can record the number of syllables in the particular sight word. A summary list of all Dolch sight words is also provided. Sight words included in this series: 041 All 042 Am 043 Are 044 At 045 Ate 046 Be 047 Black 048 Brown 049 But 050 Came 051 Did 052 Do 053 Eat 054 Four 055 Get 056 Good 057 Have 058 He 059 Into 060 Like 061 Must 062 New 063 No 064 Now 065 On 066 Our 067 Out 068 Please 069 Pretty 070 Ran 071 Ride 072 Saw 073 Say 074 She 075 So 076 Soon 077 That 078 There 079 They 080 This 081 Too 082 Under 083 Want 084 Was 085 Well 086 Went 087 What 088 White 089 Who 090 Will 091 With 092 Yes See also the following companion ranges: Sight words fun: [Pre-primer]( Sight words fun: 1st grade - coming soon! Sight words fun: 2nd grade - coming soon! Sight words fun: 3rd grade - coming soon! Color & B/W Specially crafted B/W versions of each color sheet are also provided.
Making Words with sk, mp, ft, itQuick View

Making Words with sk, mp, ft, it

This Workbook contains a range of activities for sk, mp, ft and it words and includes mixed activities to reinforce learning. (23 pages)
Cumulative Test of Greek and Latin Word RootsQuick View

Cumulative Test of Greek and Latin Word Roots

Cumulative Test of Greek and Latin Word Roots or Stems. Greek and Latin Roots test to assess students on their general knowledge of word stems after we have studied basic Greek and Latin roots. It includes multiple choice, matching and fill-in type questions. A key is provided. The basic Greek and Latin word root lists, which include affixes, prefixes, and suffixes, are also available separately. 35 questions in all. Left editable for your specific needs, so you may customize for your class. Supports common core. - HappyEdugator CCSS.ELA-Literacy.L.4.4b Use common, grade-appropriate Greek and Latin affixes and roots as clues to the meaning of a word (e.g., telegraph, photograph, autograph). CCSS.ELA-Literacy.L.5.4b Use common, grade-appropriate Greek and Latin affixes and roots as clues to the meaning of a word (e.g., photograph, photosynthesis) CCSS.ELA-Literacy.L.6.4b Use common, grade-appropriate Greek or Latin affixes and roots as clues to the meaning of a word (e.g., audience, auditory, audible). CCSS.ELA-Literacy.L.7.4b Use common, grade-appropriate Greek or Latin affixes and roots as clues to the meaning of a word (e.g., belligerent, bellicose, rebel). CCSS.ELA-Literacy.L.8.4b Use common, grade-appropriate Greek or Latin affixes and roots as clues to the meaning of a word (e.g., precede, recede, secede).
Sight Words 1B - Dolch Pre-Primer Worksheets (20 Words)Quick View

Sight Words 1B - Dolch Pre-Primer Worksheets (20 Words)

This Sight Word Activity Book works with 20 Pre-Primer words: little, look, make, me, my, need, not, run, play, said, see, the, that, to, we, up, where, went, with and you. Sight Word Activity Book includes: • Find and Circle it Students find the specified sight word within a group of different words with a variety of fonts. • Trace it Students will be able to trace the specified sight word two times using proper letter formation. This will also help them practice good penmanship. • Color it The color it portion helps students read and recognize color words while coloring the sight word according to the color code. • Highlight it Grab the highlighters (or crayons) and lets students find the specified sight word in a group of 12 sight words. • Put it in a Sentence There are two simple sentences where students will write the sight word and read the sentence with the sight word. All of the sentences are designed with beginning readers in mind and mostly include sight words and short vowel words. • Box it Up Students will box up the word two times. One box it up box is traceable and the other box is meant to have student spell out the word. • Build it At the bottom of the page there are mixed up letter tiles to build the sight word. Students will cut and paste these letters to correctly build the given sight word.
Making words with ss, ff, gg llQuick View

Making words with ss, ff, gg ll

The activities in this workbook help students recognise and write words with double letters ss, ff, gg and ll. (17 pages)