Creative Writing Scary Mystery Story PromptsQuick View

Creative Writing Scary Mystery Story Prompts

20 spooky Key Stage 2 (KS2) or early KS3 imaginative / creative writing story starters cards, featuring high quality photo prompts, vocabulary banks with descriptive words, prompt questions and more. Ideal to inspire horror or mystery stories with spooky setting descriptions for Halloween in October or use them throughout the year (as there is no direct mention of Halloween). These full-page story generators can be used across a range of abilities and ages, especially in Year 4, 5, 6 and 7 (Y4 / Y5 / Y6 / Y7), to spark ideas for stories. They’re great for reluctant writers and they have a dyslexia friendly format. PDF format (not editable for licensing reasons). You can purchase this as part of this Creative Writing Story Prompts BIG BUNDLE 100 Prompts!. Use as warm ups, early finishers activities and as a framework for free writing sessions Each of the 20 A4 cards features a visual element (photo / picture stimulus), a starter sentence or part-sentence to help launch children into their fiction / narrative writing Prompt questions to get ideas going A word bank and suggested openers to add variety to their writing A box at the bottom reminds students to read their work aloud, check for full stops and capital letters and common spellings Range of scariness levels - Students who get more easily spooked can find prompts to suit them too. UK and US English versions included, with spellings and references to ‘full stops’ and ‘periods’ etc amended as appropriate Designed to offer maximum support for dyslexic learners and those with similar barriers to learning. Verdana font and spacing used are both dyslexia-friendly and the background colours are designed to reduce glare. Both the UK and US cards are also included with the background colours removed and could be used if printing on dyslexia friendly paper or card. Could be used to support the writing of a full story Could also work well as a regular tool to support struggling writers in one-to-one or small group sessions, where students write a few sentences inspired by the prompts, without worrying about completing a story   MORE LITERACY RESOURCES… KS2 Writing Complex Sentences Cards Editing SPaG Puzzles Worksheets Full Stops and Capital Letters Cards Improving Sentences Worksheets
KS2 Text Types - Scary Stories: Writing Planners And Model TextsQuick View

KS2 Text Types - Scary Stories: Writing Planners And Model Texts

Teach children how to write engaging and scary stories with this KS2 text types resource pack. There are sheets to help pupils plan against success criteria, instructions on the ingredients of scary tales, two detailed model texts and a story planner to help children structure their stories. The three sections to the resource are: A vocabulary and scary story writing guide A scary story text writing plan Two model scary story texts
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Writing Scary Stories

A lengthy PowerPoint filled with activities and tasks to help pupils develop skills in narration, characterisation, setting and plot. There are also a couple of worksheets to accompany what is discussed in the PowerPoint. Used with a second year class but could be easily adapted for younger or older students. PowerPoint has over 100 slides that walk through all the aspects of writing scary stories using examples from famous works of literature, movies and movie characters, pieces of music, examples pupils can change from telling into showing and images of setting for them to describe. There are also story prompts, urban myths, a haunted house scenario and some starter games.
Scary Story WritingQuick View

Scary Story Writing

A unit of work designed to support BGE classes with scary story writing. Includes a PowerPoint and some differentiated paragraph writing worksheets.
Halloween and Scary Stories ESLQuick View

Halloween and Scary Stories ESL

A fun interactive ESL lesson for younger learners which includes a Youtube video, thinking about what makes a scary story, a Halloween characters guessing game and a story with which the students will have to write their own ending to. Throughout the lesson, students will learn new vocabulary, specifically words linked to Halloween and practice using adjectives to describe scary settings and characters. There is also a Would You Rather Exercise at the end if there is any time remaining. Included in this resource is the PowerPoint with activities, a lesson plan and the story which will be read out or handed out to the students.
The Mystery of Flannan Isle Lesson Plan: Writing Scary StoriesQuick View

The Mystery of Flannan Isle Lesson Plan: Writing Scary Stories

The resources in this KS2 suspense writing pack use The Mystery of Flannan Isle as a prompt for writing scary stories. The pack includes: The Ballad of Flannan Isle – the children will learn about the tale through a comprehension poem Discussion cards – the children will have an opportunity to respond to this tale with their classmates, formulating ideas about what had happened Lesson plan – a plan for teaching the creation of the children’s own Flannan Isle mysteries Image bank – the children can see images of Flannan isle and lighthouses so that they can imagine and describe their setting in detail.
Home learning Lesson: Scary StoriesQuick View

Home learning Lesson: Scary Stories

Teach students how to create tension when writing scary stories. This is a lesson that is fully differentiated for all abilities and is adaptable for home and school learning. This includes: Fully differentiated Powerpoint with RAG pathways Extract that illustrates tension YouTube video links for child friendly videos that create tension Enough tasks for 3 hours of lesson time
Halloween Writing Prompt Pictures and Story Starters (Super Scary)Quick View

Halloween Writing Prompt Pictures and Story Starters (Super Scary)

Stop!! Don't do it!! These writing prompts and story starters are way too scary. Yes! Your students will love them. Yes! These pictures will spark their creativity. But, is it worth the risk? (^_^) If you are sure then keep reading. These picture writing prompts and story starters are great for Halloween but also appropriate any time of year. This set includes twenty super scary pictures (four per A4 sheet) that can be printed, cut and laminated for use in your writing workshop or writing center. There are two versions of each picture; one with "starter questions" on the back of the prompt to get students going. The other with a "story starter sentence" written on the front of the prompt. Choose (or allow students to choose) which is best for them. A full colour set of twenty matching publishing papers is included. Also a low ink version of the same twenty publishing papers is included. __________ Visual Writing Prompts (Super Scary) by Michael Allen Kelly is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.
KS2 How to write a horror story powerpoint lesson(s)Quick View

KS2 How to write a horror story powerpoint lesson(s)

A KS2 power-point of 19 slides which can be used as one lesson or extended over a longer period. Included are examples of 2 short horror stories (not too scary!) for pupils to use in the lesson to analyse against a Horror story features checklist. There are key questions to promote discussion and paired work. Also included is a simple planning and drafting grid. Pupils can use the grids to give paired feedback to improve their work prior to writing the final story. The lesson culminates in a spooky story reading presentation.
S1 S2 S3 Gothic Story writing, creative scary spooky unit. N4Quick View

S1 S2 S3 Gothic Story writing, creative scary spooky unit. N4

This S1/S2 Gothic story unit guides pupils through writing a Gothic story, looking a the idea of genre, then Setting, Character and Plot. It includes looking at the story The Monkey’s Paw, a short sequence from Woman in Black (if you have a copy), and builds up to writing creatively about being in a haunted house. I suggest for the writing to buy some LED candles and play spooky music! Could also be used for N4 Writing.
 Halloween - Scary Pictures For InspirationQuick View

Halloween - Scary Pictures For Inspiration

This slideshow provides 24 scary images for Halloween. They can be used to provide inspiration for Art and Creative Writing, or can be used to generate a suitably spooky atmosphere for Halloween! Suitable for all ages .... They're scary ....... but not that scary!!!
KS1 & 2 Horror story planning templateQuick View

KS1 & 2 Horror story planning template

KS1 & 2 Horror story planning template. A resource for pupils to use to plan their own horror writing. Includes a bullet point reminder of the rules for writing horror stories and spaces for pupils to develop descriptive words and phrases, scary setting , cliff-hangers and the structure of their story. Great to use following a horror writing lesson or drama. Can also be used with topics : Halloween, Night, Feelings.
Descriptive & Creative  Writing Examples: Horror, Suspense, Spooky & Scary Descriptive Texts!Quick View

Descriptive & Creative Writing Examples: Horror, Suspense, Spooky & Scary Descriptive Texts!

TASK: “Write a page of description based on the provided images!” Descriptive Writing Pieces from students graded 7 & 9 (A & A*)! In this PDF, the two answers disclosed were the works a couple of pupils did in preparation for their secondary school GCSE/IGCSE exams. Both passages have been overlooked and marked by a fantastic teacher, who aided his students greatly! With the implementation of high levels of horror embedded, superb vocabulary, and fantastically fun language techniques, the solutions exhibited are ready for you to purchase! Total number of Pages: 6 Total number of marks for this task (approx): 30 NOTE: The writings disclosed within this file is computerised (printed and then pictured). Do not hesitate to make your purchase of this brilliant, bright and a must buy resource…but as always, please feel free to ask ANY and ALL questions before downloading. If you have downloaded this, and are pleased with it, we would be extremely grateful if you could leave a kind review. *Thank you All rights reserved by author. Permission to copy for single classroom use only. Electronic distribution limited to single classroom use only. Not for public display. TAGS: English, GCSE, IGCSE, , Language B, Course, Pictures, Features, Learning, Class, Pupil, Teacher, Top, Useful, Colourful, Share, Horror, Story, Creative, Writing, Genre, English for secondary schools! We hope to be able to provide further fun, colourful, clear and comprehendible PDF for you in the future. Have a good day and make sure to follow us on… @rosedale_academy_online (Insta) @RosedaleEdu2020 (Twitter) Rosedale Academy ~ YouTube/Pinterest
The Christmas Horror Story – Creative WritingQuick View

The Christmas Horror Story – Creative Writing

The Christmas Horror Story – Creative Writing Fantastic Christmas horror writing lesson or series of lessons, using stimulating gifs and imagery and a haunting scenario line, packed with resource material. Allow at least two lessons for this premium resource. Students get to write their own Christmas horror story based on an evil Santa! A Christmas MUST download. Exciting 30 page Power Point includes everything you need for a stimulating Christmas lesson(s) that students will enjoy. Also includes a fun bingo plenary activity, including 30 individual bingo cards and caller’s card. **Download issue has now been resolved.** If you are looking for a fun Christmas descriptive writing lesson that’s less scary, then try the Perfect Christmas: For more great resources and full lessons visit my shop page here: (Credits: Copyright free images. Outstanding gif images found here:
Imaginative Writing SOW - The Supernatural, Sinister and the Downright Scary Unit - 20 Lessons!Quick View

Imaginative Writing SOW - The Supernatural, Sinister and the Downright Scary Unit - 20 Lessons!

19 Resources
This is a 20-lesson unit on imaginative writing, originally designed for Year 9 students. It contains a full Scheme of Work, plus homework menu and accompanying anthology of short stories. Each lesson is complete with PowerPoint and any necessary resources. This is a highly differentiated and organised resource with focus on extending the links between reading and writing. There are two assessment points (baseline and final) plus various extended writing opportunities throughout. This has been incredibly successful at my school and has achieved fantastic results in improving students' writing. I hope you enjoy teaching it as much as I enjoyed making it!
Story Maker (Scary Stories) v1Quick View

Story Maker (Scary Stories) v1

Use the Story Maker (scary stories) cards to engage and stimulate children's story writing ideas. Use these editable cards to help promote speaking and listening skills through a collaborative approach to storytelling.