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WW2 Causes - History

Causes of World War Two - Question Tree Sheets for History KS3 Students - They love them! HIS/C8F/TL/01 This Resource Contains: x3 Question Trees for KS3 History Topic - -Policy of Appeasement Treaty of Versailles League of Nations 1 x Blank copy for students to create their own How could you use this FREE resource? Homework tasks or plenary tasks or part of a lesson Targeted Intervention for a specific student Enlarge to A3 and do a fun group team competition learning task Review a topic once studied before an end of unit test. In total, this resource contains 20 Questions for students to attempt and tackle. HIS/C8F/TL/01 TOP TIPS: The resource is differentiated by the route the student takes and the question increase in difficulty as you advance down the tree. Each resource ends with a deeper thinking essay topic question. Students could then use the tree to plan out and then undertake a timed essay on the bigger Question at the bottom of the tree Could be used with Cre8tive Resources Revision and Intervention packages, Marking Assessment Grids or Knowledge Organisers Fantastic for quick and easy planning! Cre8tive Curriculum resources are suitable for both KS2 Primary students & Secondary school students and are mapped to both PSHE Association guidelines & DfE Statutory Guidelines for Relationship and Sex Education , Physical Health and Wellbeing. (Linking to: RSE, Living in the Wider World and Health and Wellbeing) Be PSHE 2020 Ready with our resources! You may want to get a head start on your PSHE 2020 planning by downloading our COMPLETE SECONDARY Curriculum Audit Bundle of Resources here: SECONDARY PSHE 2020 CURRICULUM AUDIT Or our COMPLETE PRIMARY Version here: PRIMARY PSHE 2020 CURRICULUM AUDIT These tools will literally save you days if not weeks of planning.
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Teachers TVTeachers TV

Teachers TV: Children in WW2

These ‘Lesson Starters’ are drawn from the home movies that British and German film-makers shot in World War II. They are designed to inspire primary history class-room thinking and discussion about the way children in Britain and Germany experienced evacuation, bombing, school life, and death. Each clip ends with a thought-provoking question. The archive ranges from the declaration of war listened to on a Cornish beach, to gas masks and air raid shelters, a short clip about school life in war time and the story of one woman’s blitz and the death of her three siblings.
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Blooms Homework Grid

A great homework task for lower KS1/KS2 children. When doing a topic give the children one of these each for the term, they should complete as many or as few tasks as you deem necessary! Works well when the kids are given freedom to choose. Excellent for developing creative thinking and higher order thinking skills. Blank copy for you to use and WW2 example given for inspiration and use. Feel free to comment!
World War 2 by DK Comprehension KS2Quick View

World War 2 by DK Comprehension KS2

Detailed and comprehensive text on the political and economic context of WW2 and the reasons as to why the war broke out. Ideal for an English/History Year 5 or 6 lesson, whole class reading/guided reading, homework, tuition or intervention. The comprehension questions focus on assessment domains 2B (retrieval questions) and 2D (inferential questions). Includes flashcards of key words and phrases to help with explicit vocabulary teaching. The flashcards come with pictures drawn by a professional children's illustrator, contextualised sentences, definitions from the Oxford dictionary, word origins, root words, prefixes, suffixes, synonyms, antonyms, word family, phrases/idioms and word classes.
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World War 2 Boats and Ships

This teacher’s pack contains activities and suggestions to complement the teaching of World War 2 Boats and Ships at KS2 and KS3. It was developed from the English Heritage/ALSF funded Assessing Boats and Ships Project.
Victorian Boats and Ships Teacher's PackQuick View

Victorian Boats and Ships Teacher's Pack

This teacher's pack contains activities and suggestions to complement the teaching of Victorian Boats and Ships at KS2 and KS3. It focuses on marine archaeology and research into historic records about shipwrecks. It was developed from the English Heritage/ALSF funded Assessing Boats and Ships Project
What was it like in the Tudor navy?Quick View

What was it like in the Tudor navy?

I taught this as part of the old what 'were the effects of Tudor exploration&' scheme of work from QCA and adapted for a low ability year 8 set. I used the Wessex Archaeology pack which is fabulous! The kids loved it!
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Year 7 Acids & Alkalis UNIT Resources

These are the resources for a unit on substances, acids, alkalis, indicators and neutralisation. QM stands for Quality Mark which is a levelled formative assessment based on scientific skills. In the powerpoints I use: -Yellow boxes- to show the students what to write in their books. - Blue boxes- for tasks that the students should do. I do not own all of the content in these resources, no copyright is intended, any offending resources will be removed.
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063 - Social Media in Classrooms

#ukedchat summary & archive 'Social media in the classroom - what are the must have tools and the dos and don'ts?' from Thursday 15th September 2011 hosted by @bevevans22 . Join #ukedchat each Thursday evening between 8-9pm to discuss the latest educational issues via twitter. See live at http://tweetchat.com/room/ukedchat Information and details at www.ukedchat.com