SAT Math PracticeQuick View

SAT Math Practice

29 pages of practice problems to help students prepare for the SAT math test. Problems include topics in Algebra 1 and 2, Geometry, and Trigonometry. The answers include full explanations which will help students self-assess their understanding.
All the 2004 SATs PapersQuick View

All the 2004 SATs Papers

Maths A, B, Mental Maths, Reading text and answer booklet, Science A and B and long and short writing. All with mark schemes and threholds
Algebra extra SATs questions and answers (HA, SATs 2022/2023)Quick View

Algebra extra SATs questions and answers (HA, SATs 2022/2023)

Please find included EVEN MORE (17!) algebra questions and model answers . These are very difficult, only suitable for HA year six. These are from the 2011-2015 lvl 6 SATs maths past papers. I’ve also included an algebra help sheet if you find it difficult to follow the answers, explaining how to solve equations in simple terms. Note: There are two pdf files included - one with the questions and one with the answers. National curriculum objectives covered - Pupils should be taught to: Use simple formulae Generate and describe linear number sequences Express missing number problems algebraically Find pairs of numbers that satisfy an equation with two unknowns Enumerate possibilities of combinations of two variables.
SAT Reading Practice Quiz (Grammar and Passage-Based Reading)Quick View

SAT Reading Practice Quiz (Grammar and Passage-Based Reading)

All of my SAT English prep resources have sold so well that I have added a new type of practice quiz. The first 3 parts of the quiz includes grammar and vocabulary warm-ups. This is followed by a 4-part passage based reading section. All question format is multiple choice. As with all of my prep resources, the answer key includes full explanations so that it may be used as a wonderful self-assessment for students. I can solve any of your SAT prep needs (math and English) so please visit My Shop. Total Pages-41 Answer Key-Included with Rubric
Easter Revision MathsQuick View

Easter Revision Maths

I can't claim that this is mine, but it's very useful. I downloaded it from somewhere a couple of years ago. There are separate level 4 and 5 questions (and answers) to keep pupils up to speed over the Easter holidays.
Teacher Work SampleQuick View

Teacher Work Sample

If you are student teaching or an experienced educator and need a sample of a well-done portfolio, then this is your resource! This sample includes 2 years of in-school research and may be used as a performance-based assessment tool for educators. It prompts teachers to reflect on instruction and student learning in order to improve their teaching practice. If you like this product, you will find other resources for graduate research, professional development, GED and SAT math prep, and general science lessons, plans, and Powerpoints in My Store.
Geometry 1: Run Circles Around the Rest with KCQuick View

Geometry 1: Run Circles Around the Rest with KC

Come along for the ride as KC spends the day running errands and helping out at the Math-hattan High Sports Day. In this illustrated PDF, KC uses KS2 Geometry to identify the different parts of a circle in the world around them; from pizza and cookies to medals and murals! Across the six pages, you will find a topic introduction, engaging activities and plenty of practice questions adapted from past papers; answers included! After completing this set you will feel more confident in your ability to: Identify and illustrate the different parts of a circle Calculate the radius of a circle Calculate the diameter of a circle Calculate the circumference of a circle Find missing angles within a circle StreetWISE is ideal for Year 6 / Key Stage 2 (KS2) Students preparing for their SATs exams. Although these sheets are best suited to those who are looking for homeschooling materials and topic-specific revision resources, teachers may also find them useful for independent classroom learning.
IGCSE Directed Writing Revision MaterialQuick View

IGCSE Directed Writing Revision Material

A selection of revision booklets and class activities to help students revise for the English IGCSE exam. These tasks were planned for students sitting the CORE exam, but can be adapted for students sitting the EXTENDED paper. Please leave feedback to help me develop this further.