Maths InvestigationsQuick View

Maths Investigations

A list of over 20 Maths problems, puzzles, games and investigations that I collated during my MaST (Maths Specialist Teacher) course last year. Whilst easy to use as they are in KS2, most could easily be adapted for KS1 too. Please use them as a starting point to extend and develop where you, or your class, want to take them: 'What would happen if ...'

By andrewchadwick

The 5 Minute Lesson Plan by @TeacherToolkitQuick View

The 5 Minute Lesson Plan by @TeacherToolkit

Designed to reduce planning time & focus on key learning phases within a lesson. (Will still require thinking!) Remember - Sept. 2014 - Ofsted no longer require a lesson plan for lessons, but evidence of ‘a planned lesson!’ Useful for coaching and mentoring NQTs; or with established colleagues for paired observations. “Stickability” = What will stick in students minds as they leave your lesson? What key point do you want them to remember? Now translated into 8 languages. Pin your plan? Contact me @TeacherToolkit Updated Oct 2014

By rmcgill

Introducing Multiplication KS1Quick View

Introducing Multiplication KS1

Flip- chart moves through stages of multiplication as repeated addition and then an array. Can be made more practical (fun) by having a collection of small pairs of socks and lots of real life examples of an array. Also children love the chocolate challenge! Check out my other resources at -

By jreadshaw

2D and 3D Shape WorksheetsQuick View

2D and 3D Shape Worksheets

A selection of worksheets which can help younger children identify and describe the properties of basic 2D and 3D shapes.

By ehazelden

Maths and Calculator Skills for Science Students inc. answers. UPDATED 13.05.16Quick View

Maths and Calculator Skills for Science Students inc. answers. UPDATED 13.05.16

So often students lose marks due to tiny mistakes, not mistakes in science but tiny mistakes in how to use a calculator. I made this for my students to help fix some of those problems This workbook will allow your students to practice the most common skills needed in science exams. I have worked really hard on this on this, as a professional courtesy I would ask you to respect my copyright. Please so not remove my branding, alter this or share with other teachers. Covering; -mean averages -anomalies -range and interval -rounding and significant figures -standard form -fractions and decimals UPDATE; 13.05.16 Minor corrections to significant figures section and one answer More pictures added, as per request from TES user.

By pkScienceAndMaths

Introducing Division KS1Quick View

Introducing Division KS1

Ideas, planning, teaching activities and differentiated worksheets for beginning division. Check out my other resources at -

By jreadshaw

Introduction to 3D Shape PowerpointQuick View

Introduction to 3D Shape Powerpoint

This is a powerpoint to be used as an introduction or revision of 3D Shapes such as cubes, cuboids, spheres, cylinders etc. It can be used on the interactive whiteboard to lead the lesson and is set up so children can perform practical activities in between slides. It includes learning intentions. It also introduces the idea of describing shapes with words such as faces and edges.

By kez1985

Personal Statement for Assistant Headteacher for Teaching, Learning and Curriculum FOR ADULTSQuick View

Personal Statement for Assistant Headteacher for Teaching, Learning and Curriculum FOR ADULTS

This is my own personal statement for the position of Assistant Headteacher for Teaching, Learning and Curriculum - a job which I got. Being able to download someone else's personal statement while writing mine, would have been a huge help. Therefore, I thought offering mine, would give practitioners an option to view one before they start writing their own and thus having new ideas and a clear structure. Obviously, every personal statement should be tailored to the person specification but it is easy to use ideas from this personal statement and shuffle them around accordingly. I have removed specific names from the personal statement and instead typed, XXX.

By H4nn4hWW

Slow Writing Primary Pack by Mr A, Mr C and Mr D PresentQuick View

Slow Writing Primary Pack by Mr A, Mr C and Mr D Present

This all-in-one Slow Writing Pack contains differentiated writing frames, a weekly lesson plan which can be used time and time again, as well as teacher/child criteria tick sheets. Using the 2014 National Curriculum and a range of alternative sentence ideas, the pack is suitable for Years 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. Also provided, are resource ideas and games to help you take Slow Writing further, This is a brilliant way for children to edit, re-draft and improve their work, as well as applying grammar and punctuation skills with strict guidelines.

By mracdpresent

300 generic activities.  Create lessons in seconds!Quick View

300 generic activities. Create lessons in seconds!

Create lessons in seconds with this HUGE PowerPoint of animated lesson activities. There are HUNDREDS of templates that you can over-type in seconds to create engaging lesson material. Highly praised by John Simpkin of Spartacus Educational and Mark Warner of Teaching Ideas. I am very confident you will like this. If you do, please click on my profile to see my other popular resources. Thanks (This file also has a bank of PowerPoint timers - it's the most useful planning tool ever!) The size of the file should show you how much stuff there is! Without sounding overly confident - it's the best resource out there! Many thanks Copyright T.Taylor NOTE: Following its success in the summer sale, I have decided to keep the sale price - so grab a bargain! Used to be £5. Many thanks.

By whizzbangbang

Easter - Easter StoryQuick View

Easter - Easter Story

1 hour PP, 3 worksheets, clip link, activity, fully resourced one hour lesson focussing on the history and religious significance of Easter. Suitable for KS3/2 Variety of different level tasks for MA,LA or Core Differentiated to 3 levels or more Designed to fit Ofsted criteria for' Good' or above Many more cheap and free resources at my shop: Emjcot's Shop Leave me a review and pick any other resource for free :) There is an easter food tasting activity sheet (also on PP) but it's optional and the lesson still works well without. Nice as an end of term treat though, I find!

By EC_Resources