2018 Children in Need Assembly: 50% OF PROCEEDS TO CHARITYQuick View

2018 Children in Need Assembly: 50% OF PROCEEDS TO CHARITY

This assembly considers 21st century problems in a humorous way before considering what Children in Need does, who it helps and challenges students to ‘Do their thing’. 50% of the proceeds from this sale will be donated to the Children in Need Charity, so please ‘Do your thing’.
Children in Need PowerpointQuick View

Children in Need Powerpoint

A simple powerpoint suitable for EY or KS1. Explains the meaning of Children in Need and why people get involved in the appeal and what happens to the money! I used parts of some of the whole school/KS2 resources already on the site so they are more suited to younger children - so thanks to those people!
Children in Need - Solve the Crime!Quick View

Children in Need - Solve the Crime!

Students work to solve a crime based on the theme of Children in Need. Students must use their maths skills to break a number of codes to reveal clues to the identity of a thief who stole a schools fundraising for the Children in Need charity. To solve the clues students must use addition, division and algebra. Resource aimed at low ability Year 7 students who have been introduced to algebra including expanding brackets and finding the value of x. Addition and division tasks used to allow students to recap on previous learning in this area and develop further confidence in solving these problems.
Children in NeedQuick View

Children in Need

Get your Pudsey bandana, bow or neckchief for only £1 and support Children in Need.
Children in Need GameQuick View

Children in Need Game

Help Pudsey collect as much money as possible in this 2DIY platform game. Open in your web browser once downloaded (right-click on the file, choose ‘open with’ and then select you web browser).
Children in Need Pudsey Maths QuestionsQuick View

Children in Need Pudsey Maths Questions

A mixed set of word problems linked to Children in Need. Aimed at Year 3 targets for addition, subtraction and multiplication. Includes finding the difference, bar model and 'I am thinking of a number...' style questions. Numbers could easily be made more tricky for older year groups.
Children in Need Certificate 2010Quick View

Children in Need Certificate 2010

A certificate to give to children who wear their Pudsey banner in the funkiest way in each class. Now also added a certificate for schools doing a sponsored bounce too.
Childrens Care Needs Powerpoint and worksheetsQuick View

Childrens Care Needs Powerpoint and worksheets

Powerpoint presentation for childcare students on the care needs for children. Great for childcare courses. Also worksheet where students can write how the care needs are met in a school/nursery environment. Case study for students to work on to improve the childs care needs.
Children in Need Phase 2 PhonicsQuick View

Children in Need Phase 2 Phonics

All the money from the purchase of this resource will go towards Children In Need. Race the timer and Pudsey to see how quickly you can recognise all the Phase 2 phonemes. Join in with Pudsey's game to work out what phonemes are hiding behind the spots. Have a go at writing some of Pudsey Bears CVC words.
Geography Unit for Children with Special Needs!Quick View

Geography Unit for Children with Special Needs!

This unit includes tons of fun games, printables, flashcards, and an adapted book to help your students learn about geography. Geography is a great social studies theme to work on and this unit allows you to differentiate for a wide range of types of learners! Here is what's included: - 16 Flashcards with definitions - Hunting for a Hamburger: 13 page adapted book with all vocabulary terms; matching pieces included - 3 comprehension worksheets - 10 matching worksheets - I have, who has? Game - Bingo - with 2 levels of difficulty of calling cards and 10 boards Vocabulary: island, peninsula, waterfall, beach, river, ocean, lake, mountain, hill volcano, desert, country, continent, city, state, capital Great for children with autism or special needs - these materials are hands on and easy to understand!
Pudsey Bear Problem Solving Game (Children in Need)Quick View

Pudsey Bear Problem Solving Game (Children in Need)

A fun activity. Pudsey is visiting school but has gone missing. Children need to solve five clues to work out what mischief he has been up to and where he is hiding now. Mathmatical skills used will be recognising number patterns, halving and quartering numbers, doubling numbers and decoding. * 50% OF PROCEEDS WILL BE DONATED TO CHILDREN IN NEED. Optional - for extra fun/engagement teacher's may wish to hide a Pudsey bear (or print a picture of him) for the children to find. Ideal for KS1 of KS2 lower ability.
Stone Age Boy for Children with Special Educational NeedsQuick View

Stone Age Boy for Children with Special Educational Needs

Here are a few activities to support children who are working well below ARE for Year 3. They are designed to be used in the classroom so that children who require support can be included in all or parts of Literacy lessons based on the book Stone Age Boy.