The Sound Collector - KS1 poetry lessonQuick View

The Sound Collector - KS1 poetry lesson

This lesson involves reading 'the sound collector' poem and re-writing a class version of the poem based on the idea of a sound collector visiting the school. After starting the poem together and modelling writing the first verse, children can split into groups with each thinking about the sounds found in different areas of the school (e.g. office, dining hall) and writing a verse. Each group also thinks of a sound effect or action and performs their verse to the class. I have provided some differentiated writing frames and word banks/pictures which can be adapted or used if required.
Alphabetical Order Cards and WorksheetsQuick View

Alphabetical Order Cards and Worksheets

I used these over a few lessons to help teach my year 1's about alphabetical order. We first used the pet cards, numbered them and then stuck them in their books. Next, we looked at some of the worksheets. Ideas for plenaries: putting some of the children or objects in the classroom into alphabetical order.
Teddy Bear Measuring Worksheet/Activity - KS1Quick View

Teddy Bear Measuring Worksheet/Activity - KS1

I used this as part of a Teddy Bears Picnic day with a mixed class of year 1s and 2s. Each child had bought in a teddy bear. I led an input measuring using non-standard measures i.e. cubes (year 1s) and then standard measures i.e. cm (year 2s). Activity: Using the worksheet, children measure their teddy first, and then go around the class measuring and recording other children's teddy bears. Extention task: measuring and recording other aspects of a teddy e.g. nose, ears, arms etc. Plenary: Discuss the tallest and shortest teddy bears and fill in the final 2 sentences as a class.
Editable Positive Postcard/Note HomeQuick View

Editable Positive Postcard/Note Home

These are editable MS Word based positive notes you can print off and send home. I usually print two to a page, hence the identical two pages given. I hope you find these useful! I think I found the basis of the postcard as a 'star of the day&' resource somewhere on the web but I can&';t remember where so thanks and acknowledgements to that resource contributor.