P1 Energy for the Home WorkbookletsQuick View

P1 Energy for the Home Workbooklets

A selection of home-made workbooklets that match the OCR Gateway specification and Collins texbooks. Also includes leveled learning objectives using the OCR specification for self-assessment, and a variery of activities. Not always suitable for the most able or the most weak students.
Light and ReflectionQuick View

Light and Reflection

A variety of activities relating to reflection of light. These were written for lessons 3 and 4 of the QCA unit 8K.
Gravity and Space Resources and PresentationsQuick View

Gravity and Space Resources and Presentations

Resources and worksheets relating to the old QCA unit 9K Gravity and Space. The worksheets act_massandweight.doc, act_tension_force.doc, gavitiy.doc, and hmwk_massandgrav.doc are numeracy activities.
Element Cards with properties of elements.Quick View

Element Cards with properties of elements.

Information about 28 elements, 4 per card (A6 size). Useful for information about the elements and looking for patterns/sorting into groups. Useful for using instead of a textbook or combined with a periodic table so they can work out where the metals and non metals are or what elements are gases. It is also possible to use them to look at the differences between metals and non-metals.
W/S Based Scheme:B1 Understanding Ourselves OCRQuick View

W/S Based Scheme:B1 Understanding Ourselves OCR

Sets of worksheets for students to use that closely match the Collins Scheme and Textbook for OCR Gateway Understanding Ourselves. These resources are for the 2006 scheme of work and as I am not teaching biology at the moment won't be updated in the foreseeable future.
Chemical or Physical Reaction?Quick View

Chemical or Physical Reaction?

Worksheet where students decide if the example is chemical or physical. I usually blow it up to A3 and ask students to work in groups to complete it.
Heating and Cooling ResourcesQuick View

Heating and Cooling Resources

Resources from my heating and cooling scheme of work. (Old 8I QCA unit). 8I2a, b and c are to allow the students to choose the most appropriate graph paper. My advice would be to print them on coloured paper so you can easily see which paper the students chose. The third character refers to the lesson.
Plotting a predator-prey graphQuick View

Plotting a predator-prey graph

Data and graph paper to allow students to plot a predator-prey graph for lady birds and green fly. Students can use red for lady birds and green for greenfly to be able to compare the graph interrelationships.
Titration WorksheetsQuick View

Titration Worksheets

Worksheet that involve the analysis of chemicals using titrations. Suitable for applied science modules.
Heating Houses P1a Part 1 OCR gateway workbookletQuick View

Heating Houses P1a Part 1 OCR gateway workbooklet

A workbooklet to match the pages from the Collins OCR book and specification based on the objectives from P1a part of the OCR specification. A variety of activities and a self-check section. Topics covered are heat, temperature and specific heat capacity.
Exit Tickets for OCR Gateway 2012 P1 moduleQuick View

Exit Tickets for OCR Gateway 2012 P1 module

These are exit tickets that students complete at the end of the lesson and allow students to write longer responses to the ideas covered in the lesson. This is the part that I will take the most time over marking. And has proven quite successful in helping students to think about their use of key words and being full in their answers.
P4 Gateway Science Revision BookletQuick View

P4 Gateway Science Revision Booklet

A booklet to support students revising for gateway science, with objectives. You will probably want to supplement it with pages from other revision workbooks.