Mosaic lettering for display titleQuick View

Mosaic lettering for display title

The word MOSAICS in font times new roman with mosaic tiles on the top of the letters. Took a looong time on Publisher but I think it looks effective. I have also saved as a PDF in case anyone does not have Publisher but would still like the file. Let me know if you use it, the more times the better :))
Shared reading fiction and non fiction textsQuick View

Shared reading fiction and non fiction texts

A selection of short shared reading texts that I put together for use with small groups. A mixture of fiction and non fiction texts. Each has text at the top for children to take turns reading out loud and then has comprehension questions at the bottom to ask them as a group. Some literal and some inferred questions.
Limericks worksheetQuick View

Limericks worksheet

Worksheet that itnroduces limericks, how they are structured and works towards pupils writing their own limerick with the correct number of syllables.
Worksheet to go with BBC KS2 bitesize plantsQuick View

Worksheet to go with BBC KS2 bitesize plants

Children visit and choose 'plants'. They have a go the section called 'play' then use the section 'read' to answer questions on the worksheet. Finally they take the quiz and enter what score they got in the quiz at the bottom of the worksheet.
Activities for combining text and graphicsQuick View

Activities for combining text and graphics

I work in a Junior School so often children come from different schools. These activities have helped me to introduce Word and Publisher to them (2010 versions) and have very simple to follow steps. Probably OK too for Year 2.
Nouns and adjectives loop cardsQuick View

Nouns and adjectives loop cards

Set of 30 loopcards based on common nouns, proper nouns, and adjectives. Good as a warm-up or wrap-up activity. The kids think it's great fun to be timed and see if they can beat their own time next time they play the game!
Writing ideasQuick View

Writing ideas

Lots of different ideas for creative writing:\n\nDescriptive writing\nPoetry\nStory starters\nOther creative writing ideas