Sequences Lessons nth term linearQuick View

Sequences Lessons nth term linear

Here are 6 lessons in order with differentiated activities on linear sequences. This sequence of lessons takes learners on the journey of discovering the nth term of sequences. Let me know what you think
Frequency Polygons Grade CQuick View

Frequency Polygons Grade C

Complete lesson with all resources for frequency polygons Everything needed - let me know what you think? Check out me other lessons
Introducing CalculatorsQuick View

Introducing Calculators

A fantastic basic lesson for students to practice new buttons on their calculators. Easy to follow and everything is on the powerpoint. Students really enjoy it Let me know what you think
Reading Timetables (Level 4, Grade F)Quick View

Reading Timetables (Level 4, Grade F)

Completed Lesson created with an introduction to reading timetables, then 10 different timetables (5 train and 5 bus) with attached questions to place around the classroom.\nAnswers in the PPT. \nPretty much print and deliver the lesson (I hope)\nLet me know what you think
Currency Conversion Exchange - World TravelingQuick View

Currency Conversion Exchange - World Traveling

Lesson on currency exchange and conversion. After the high level of currency exchange questions in the GCSE and a half term of travelling I put this together. Please let me know what you think?
Geogebra - Circle Theorems Interactive All 8Quick View

Geogebra - Circle Theorems Interactive All 8

All 8 circle theorems. I have made them so they are interactive and you can build up to the final point by clicking checkboxes to remove and add items. Please let me know what you think.
Compound Measures Lessons level 4-8 F-BQuick View

Compound Measures Lessons level 4-8 F-B

Here is a sequence of 6 lessons that takes student through metric units, conversion to imperial units, speed distance time, mass density and volume. Also there is a review lesson to revise everything over the topic. \nPlease let me know what you think.
Percentages of Amounts Fantastic TrailQuick View

Percentages of Amounts Fantastic Trail

Differentiated lesson to review percentages of amounts. Also is a go and find section where students break into groups and a competition to get the answer first. This lesson has worked very well