Matryushka doll Christmas cardsQuick View

Matryushka doll Christmas cards

Fun Christmas card designs for KS2 children. Matryushka dolls in a variety of different style and some images of finished cards for inspiration.
Cinema timetable/Harry Potter film timesQuick View

Cinema timetable/Harry Potter film times

Changing hrs and mins into min only. And changing the mins only into hours and mins. The Harry Potter films are to be calculated into hrs and mins and then placed in order of length.
Batty about PoetryQuick View

Batty about Poetry

For Halloween, give your children an opportunity to write their poems in a bat template which is a perfect display for the holiday. Write poems about bats or Halloween or ghastly things and colour them orange for great effect. This worked really well with my Year 4's and was a good display for our holiday board.
Christmas letterheadsQuick View

Christmas letterheads

Send a letter to the North Pole with these letterheads perfect for Christmas. One fun idea is to have a 'Post Box&' in your lobby area and children can post letters to Santa and to each other. Check every week or let your student council take control and pass out all the letters.