Adding Money - Cafe MenuQuick View

Adding Money - Cafe Menu

Can be used as a worksheet or otherwise. useful for addition etc. hardly rocket science, but something that will certainly save you a bit of time! Would appreciate your ratings and feedback!
Supply Teacher's RulesQuick View

Supply Teacher's Rules

A useful tool to take along on supply teaching contracts. I find they help me set a tone for the day if I stick them up on the board and discuss them right at the start of the day. They are based around Learning, Respect and Safety, and I’ve also included a behaviour sheet, which is useful for naughty boys and girls!
Three Little Pigs' HousesQuick View

Three Little Pigs' Houses

One large and three small houses - ideal for KS1 materials topics. Hardly rocket science, I know, but will certainly save a bit of time. Would appreciate your feedback and ratings!
'AY' wordsQuick View

'AY' words

Some phonic blends - useful when used with ‘A Country Far Away’.
C WordsQuick View

C Words

A simple powerpoint with lots of words beginning with the letter ‘C’.