Au cinémaQuick View

Au cinéma

I was keen here to use French film posters and have an element of culture with the Intouchables trailer added in.\n\nI used this with year 9 as an introduction to the topic of cinema.
Les portablesQuick View

Les portables

I created this PowerPoint as an introduction to Mobile phones for an FCSE group but could be used with KS4 too.\n\nSome slides are taken from other resources on here but the majority is my own work.\n\nHope you find this useful!
Tense Guides - KS3/4/5Quick View

Tense Guides - KS3/4/5

I've adapted and added to existing TES resources to create 3 tense guides for each respective Key Stage. I used these this year and each pupil had a copy to keep in their books. Hope you find these useful.
Fou de musique!Quick View

Fou de musique!

This is a recent lesson I delivered for an observation based around music. Text is adapted from Studio 3 textbook. Was graded as Outstanding. Hope you enjoy using it.
Writing and Speaking Aids - French and SpanishQuick View

Writing and Speaking Aids - French and Spanish

I use these writing/speaking aids in order for pupils to improve their work. Contains connectives, adjectives, time phrases, intensifiers, quantifiers and 'fancy language'. Seen a great improvement in pupil attainment due to these!