An Inspector CallsQuick View

An Inspector Calls

Character analysis Two work sheets that look at the exchanges that occur between the Inspector, Mr Birling, Sheila, Gerald and Mrs Birling in Act 1 and Act 2. Will allow students to see how the characters react to the Inspector.
Welcome Back - KS3: English LessonsQuick View

Welcome Back - KS3: English Lessons

A resource with a PowerPoint presentation that can be used for the first lesson back after the holidays to set rules for the class and to review what they did in English the previous year. Rules based around one word: Respect. Also includes the ‘Two truths, One lie’ game to play at the end to help you get to know the students.
Welcome Back - KS4: English LessonQuick View

Welcome Back - KS4: English Lesson

A resource with a PowerPoint presentation that goes through the rules with the class and is based around respect. Include a short review of previous year in English and some mini writing topics to test out some different writing skills.