Meerkat BearingsQuick View

Meerkat Bearings

A bearings lesson given a bit of a makeover in an effort to boost engagement. I used this as an OFSTED lesson, the use of this along with a lot of mini whiteboard made this quite a successful lesson. It will be going on my OFSTED ready shelf. The map that students need is included in the powerpoint and should be printed as an A4 slide to ensure no changes to the bearings. As always all comments welcomed.
Inequalities Loop Cards/Quiz Quiz Trade CardsQuick View

Inequalities Loop Cards/Quiz Quiz Trade Cards

A set of differentiated cards that can be used for either a loop card or quiz quiz trade activity. I haven't used these yet but plan too soon so will update with my thoughts on the activity. If you use these and find a mistake then please let me know. All comments and suggestions for improvement welcome.
Angles, Volume and Area Foundation Revision TrailQuick View

Angles, Volume and Area Foundation Revision Trail

I have attempted to create a revision trail focusing on Volume, Area and Angles that I intend to use with my year 11 class in the run up to their exams as a method of breaking up the constant barrage of past papers. I purposely left the top right hand corner of each card blank as I plan to use this space to personalise for each class I use it with. I currently have the cards laminated and have pictures of all my students on sticky labels to enable me to direct them to start at different cards. This is my first resource shared on here and I welcome all comments and suggested improvements.