Punctuation Pyramid  The work of Ros WilsonQuick View

Punctuation Pyramid The work of Ros Wilson

The punctuation Pyramid with a bit of colour! You can print out all 4 pages and stick them together to make a resource to help children with their writing. Please note it is not identical to the original, I have edited it for my class and you might need to do the same. Topics also included; Sentence structure and punctuation; punctuation.
VCOP dancing chilli pepperQuick View

VCOP dancing chilli pepper

PowerPoint presentation to show the dancing chilli pepper (as invented by JuliaTeacher) I couldn’t find my own dancing chilli. Topics also included is: dance activities.
Noise trackerQuick View

Noise tracker

An interative PowerPoint to have on your IWB to keep children aware the noise level. You just click on the colour of the traffic light that you need to anytime. If gives the warnings that I use in my class, but these could easily be editing to fit in with your class rules. Opps just changed the spelling mistake-thank you for pointing it out!
Square and triangular numbersQuick View

Square and triangular numbers

A reminder sheet for children. I have made this to stick in the front of my pupils maths books. Just noticed that there is a mistake on the triangular numbers sheet! It should be 3 not 4 opps! I can't change it at the moment (document is on another computer) so please becareful with it! Very sorry I will change ASAP
Reward vouchersQuick View

Reward vouchers

Vouchers for children to earn as rewards for good behaviour/work.
GuidelinesQuick View


Just plain old boring guidelines but they might save someone 5 mins!!