No te metas a mi facebookQuick View

No te metas a mi facebook

A gapped song worksheet (with answers) and a powerpoint to go through the activities. The song is a Spanish pop song that gently mocks facebook and how it is used. It could be a nice activity with either a GCSE or an AS class. I used it for an AS Spanish taster day session. I originally got the worksheet from another teacher (I can't remember who, sorry!). This is my adaptation and acompanying powerpoint.
Last GCSE Spanish LessonQuick View

Last GCSE Spanish Lesson

10 Rounds of questions based on all sorts of vocabulary for the GCSE Spanish listening and reading exams. Made for my last ever GCSE class before their final exams. Please leave me a review.
AS Spanish Speaking Exam - Board GameQuick View

AS Spanish Speaking Exam - Board Game

This powerpoint is designed to be used with a board game that has four different colours on it. When a pupil lands on that colour, they must answer a question from that topic area. There are hyperlinks built into the powerpoint so that when you click on a topic option, you get taken straight to the exam questions. Click START to return to the topic choices. Designed for the AQA speaking exam for AS Spanish.
Spanish songs and lyricsQuick View

Spanish songs and lyrics

Lyrics to 3 songs sung in Spanish by Shakira, Michael Jackson and Beyonce. The URL links may be out of date but are easily found on a video website.