GCSE Speaking TasksQuick View

GCSE Speaking Tasks

Collection of classroom activities (plus explanations & examples in Spanish) to develop speaking skills, in particular fluency, pronunciation and spontaneity.
French Classroom DisplayQuick View

French Classroom Display

Inspired by a visit to Judgemeadow school in Leicester, we've been re-vamping our classroom display resources. These are the French ones. The &'good features&'; stars are to go with a display of annotated student work.
Say what you seeQuick View

Say what you see

This task develops students' ability to form simple descriptive sentences and to begin to ask a variety of questions. This resource forms part of a project looking at ways to encourage learners to interact more in the target language, developing the skills of both planned and unplanned (or spontaneous) talk. It was designed with Y7 in mind, but with very little work could be differentiated for Y8, Y9 or even KS4 classes – this is because it’s the teacher questioning that sets the level of challenge. Instructions for teachers are on the notes page of the PowerPoint slide. (Visuals reproduced with permission from Asset Languages)
Spanish Classroom DisplayQuick View

Spanish Classroom Display

I was inspired by a visit to Judgemeadow school in Leicester to re-vamp our classroom display resources. So here is what we have come up with for Spanish! Some to be suspended (mobile fashion) from the ceilings and others will be on the walls.
Holidays - Spanish - Lessons 1-4Quick View

Holidays - Spanish - Lessons 1-4

I worked with a trainee teacher last year in the summer term with my Y10 class. We planned the lessons together and we shared the resource creation. We also drew on and adapted resources from TES so thank you to all whose excellent work we borrowed for this set of 20 lessons on holidays.
German Classroom DisplayQuick View

German Classroom Display

I was inspired by a visit to Judgemeadow school in Leicester to re-vamp our classroom display resources. So here is what we have come up with for German! Some to be suspended (mobile fashion) from the ceilings and others will be on the walls.
Weather (1)Quick View

Weather (1)

PowerPoint lesson to introduce and practise weather. There is a song to go with this - I've recorded it to show how it scans!
Spanish Phonics (1)Quick View

Spanish Phonics (1)

We put a lot of time into teaching the sounds of Spanish (phonics). The approach is the foundation of our primary Spanish resources as well as something we reinforce a lot at the start of Y7. There are several phonics resources I’ve uploaded to the site. Just search for ‘phonics’ and they should come up.
GCSE Y10 la TecnologiaQuick View

GCSE Y10 la Tecnologia

Y10 Spanish lesson on technology, starting with mobiles and using txt spk as a strategy to focus on accurate writing (ironically, perhaps!)
FrancophoniquesQuick View


These 3 slides represent different lessons (with French phonics I wouldn't introduce all the sounds & gestures in one lesson, which I do do for Spanish and German versions). The methodology is to introduce the word with the picture, the sound of the word and a gesture. Students say the word and do the gesture. Build up through the different words/sounds progressively, making sure that you do the gestures always. You can stop saying the words quite soon and elicit them from the students just with the gestures. Following this lesson students need lots of opportunities to embed the knowledge and apply it to new language - there a a million and one different activities you can use to build in a 'phonics' starter to most lessons - in this way the knowledge gets really embedded. The gestures become a physical language that the teacher can use to cue learners in to correct pronunciation when the mother tongue patterns threaten to re-assert themselves!
Directions (2)Quick View

Directions (2)

The second PowerPoint lesson for practising languages used for giving and understanding directions.
Describing a holiday in the pastQuick View

Describing a holiday in the past

PowerPoint lesson with tasks to learn how to describe past holiday activities - context given is week spent in London - this is to pave the way for students to describe in a similar way a week or weekend spent in Paris, after they have learnt more about what there is to see and do in Paris.
KS2 Spanish planning and assessment frameworkQuick View

KS2 Spanish planning and assessment framework

Still a work in progress. This document contains an overview of 4-year SoW for primary Spanish, with overview, plus detailed week by week lesson outlines. Outcomes are mapped for each year to the new KS2 PoS statements.
HalloweenQuick View


A set of materials I used with Years 3-6 Spanish (but could easily be used with Y7 too). I taught the vocabulary items first using the PPT and then we did a variety of the activities, Sudoku, Battleships, Bingo. The story I only used with Y5/6 class and we did it with gestures and pictures, practising the re-telling until confident (if I'd had more time with this, it would have made a very good assembly)
Que deportes practicasQuick View

Que deportes practicas

One of sequence of two lessons revising or introducing nous for sports and working with the verbs JUGAR and PRACTICAR in the present tense.
France - quizQuick View

France - quiz

This PowerPoint activity is for Years 7-9 which have France as the country they will represent on Sports Day. They will be doing a range of activities in form time, including this quiz, learning about one specific aspect of cultural interest, doing an introduction into the language ( they don't all learn France, listening to the national anthem and perhaps trying to learn a couple of chants. We have 11 form entry so 3 forms have France (Y7,8,9) and there are 10 other countries. Could be useful for the World Cup.