Spanish Chores - Robot en mi CasaQuick View

Spanish Chores - Robot en mi Casa

A lesson plan Powerpoint/Worksheet based around Listos 1, Ayudas en casa, tailored to meet needs of my lower set year 9s. From this they produced some lovely robot poster Advertisements, stating their robot’s name, what their robot could do, saying how much it cost (in Euros of course).
estate agent cue cardsQuick View

estate agent cue cards

Cue cards for information gap activity in German. Pupils are given a card each first and must use the info to draw a plan of their flat. They then give cards back to the teacher who gives half the class the cards randomly. Pupils with cards are then the buyers, while the other half use their plan for selling the house. Language needs to be taught in advance such as 'Es gibt zwei Schlafzimmer, es gibt keinen Garten' etc. Buyers are then tasked with finding somebody with the flat they are looking for, circulating round the class until they find someone.
Persuasive writing planning activityQuick View

Persuasive writing planning activity

I use this for my one-to-one teaching to start talking about a) planning and b) persuasive writing. Students start by reading through and providing a quick summary. Then they deduce a document map of each paragraph (bullet point key words or mind-map). I focus on the W?s and opinions used by the writer. They continue by highlighting features that make it a persuasive text, extending with ways of making it even more effective. The next stage is to plan their own persuasive piece, using this text as an example of structure. Let me know what you think and how you could use it!