Guided writingQuick View

Guided writing

Guided writing presentation I used with my staff when presenting guided writing
Newspaper FeaturesQuick View

Newspaper Features

An activ primary presentation for introducing headlines, by-lines, captions and illustrations as features of newspapers.
Exit cardQuick View

Exit card

Great plenary activity - get the children to complete an exit card about what they have learnt and use it as an AFL tool. Children give card to teacher while leaving the room, you scan over it and decide where you need to pitch tomorrow's lesson and then you put them in the bin! (recycling of course)
Nursery RhymesQuick View

Nursery Rhymes

Some I did for my Year 6 class on nursery rhymes. Our end of year production was based around characters from nursery rhymes so we studied them in a historical context.
The Other Side of TruthQuick View

The Other Side of Truth

A worksheet, highlighting some of the good vocabulary used by Beverley Naidoo at the beginning of her book 'The Other Side of Truth'