Physics Trilogy AQA Equations bookletQuick View

Physics Trilogy AQA Equations booklet

Revision booklet detailing all equations needed for AQA Combined Science Trilogy - Physics Each page details an equation and includes - units, abbreviation, example of use and simple questions. CONTAINS AN ERROR - s=vt is incorrectly stated as s=yt. A new version has been uploaded that corrects this error, or it can be edited in word using this version.
Physics equations - AQA TrilogyQuick View

Physics equations - AQA Trilogy

Booklet containing all physics equations needed for AQA Science Trilogy. Each page details an equation with symbols, examples of use, questions and some tips. Corrects an error in a previous version where s=vt was stated as s = yt (wrong symbol given). Previous version can be edited after download, but this version is correct