How to draw Isometric drawingsQuick View

How to draw Isometric drawings

Aims & Objectives: 1)To investigate Isometric Drawing and differentiate between Isometric and Oblique Drawings. 2)To create Isometric Drawings using the step-by-step process. 3)To create own Isometric Drawing of a given 3D object
Card Sort Activity BundleQuick View

Card Sort Activity Bundle

20 Card Sort Activities included as part of the Bundle. Covers all aspects of the GCSE (9-1) Design and Technology specification.
Electronic Tools CARD SORTQuick View

Electronic Tools CARD SORT

Instructions: 1)Electronic Tools CARD SORT activity. 2)Students to match the Electronic Tools image with it’s name, and with it’s characteristics. 3)Cut the cards around the dashed lines.
Packaging BundleQuick View

Packaging Bundle

Five lesson bundle on Packaging: 1) An Introduction to Packaging Graphics 2) Industrial Manufacture of Packaging 3) Packaging and materials: The Functions of Packaging 4) Product Marketing - The Power of Branding 5) Making Products Safe (Packaging)
BfL 3-2-and-1 count downQuick View

BfL 3-2-and-1 count down

BfL 3-2-and-1 count down Count down timer on PowerPoint using animation to countdown 3-2-and-1 in order to give students warning to stop talking and listen to the teacher.
How do designers gather inspiration? BiomimicryQuick View

How do designers gather inspiration? Biomimicry

1) To investigate ‘Biomimicry’ in relation to designers gathering inspiration. 2) To analyse how the shape and design of nature is implemented into the design of products. 3)To create a design of a furniture (table or chair) based on ‘Biomimicry’.
The Impact of Modern TechnologiesQuick View

The Impact of Modern Technologies

Detailed Lesson Resource on the Impact of Modern Technologies in Society. Innovative use of group activities to create engagement and progress in learning the topic. Aims and Objectives: To evaluate the impact of modern technologies. To compare the advantages and disadvantages that the use of modern technology has brought to society. To analyse how modern technologies has impacted environmental issues and sustainability. To create an A3 poster in groups and deliver a short presentation in front of other groups.
Product AnalysisQuick View

Product Analysis

Learning objective: 1) Students to investigate what product analysis is. 2) Student to evaluate how product analysis is used to improve new products.
Year 7 and 8 - Moral, social and cultural issues in Design TechnologyQuick View

Year 7 and 8 - Moral, social and cultural issues in Design Technology

Students to evaluate how built-in obsolescence in new products has led for a ‘throwaway’ culture. Students to investigate offshore manufacture of mass-produced products in developing countries by multinational companies. Students to investigate how tolerance of different cultures to avoid offence influences the designing and manufacturing of products. Resources include full detailed lesson, with videos and engaging activities.