DANCE - Lifts & Contact Work Inspiration PicturesQuick View

DANCE - Lifts & Contact Work Inspiration Pictures

A selction of photos and pictures to help inspire students and teachers in contact work and lift lessons. I just thought they might help! If you follow this link to YouTube you can see what we did exploring the pictures in 1hr 30. It's not amazing but it generated lots of ideas - which was the point!!!
Dance PicturesQuick View

Dance Pictures

Just a small collection of interesting dance pictures, thought it might save some one a bit of time and find them useful!!
Key Stage 3 Dance Self and Peer Evaluation SheetQuick View

Key Stage 3 Dance Self and Peer Evaluation Sheet

A simple evaluation sheet to help students identify positive points in each others work and what can be improved - Ideally aimed for year 7 3 stars and 1 wish = 3 stars are three specific things the person or group they are watchin did really well. 1 wish is the one thing they would have liked to see them do better next time. You can use it as peer or self and peer assesment and get them to compare results and then use them to influence what they do next (AFL) Please rate as im a PGCE student and would really appreciate feedback!
Performance Skills worksheet/ Lesson starterQuick View

Performance Skills worksheet/ Lesson starter

GCSE year 10 or 11 A simple and easy to understand worksheet or lesson starter on performance skills - artistic and technical My purple writing is the answers so delete that before giving them out!!! (i've left the first two answers in black as its nice to give them something to go on!) The red writing is to be deleted and edited so that you can adapt it to your lesson and the work you've done with your class Please rate as im a PGCE student and would appreciate the feedback!
GCSE Dance Professional Dance WorksheetsQuick View

GCSE Dance Professional Dance Worksheets

Blow them up onto A3 and these are easy charts for the students to fill in whilst watching the vids and can be used as revision. Fantastic for a cover lesson - easy for cover teacher and useful for when you get back! Just a little idea and can save you from making your own!!! Now available as a word doc in the rest of my resources
Birdsong/ professional works NP taskQuick View

Birdsong/ professional works NP task

A GCSE/ BTEC/ AS non-participant worksheet looking at the importance of watching other professional works, technical and arisic performance skills and a creative written task based on images from Birdsong Simply print it out, laminate it and get students to answer on paper or in books and use it again and again! Intresting but not overly fun so they'll want to participate next week!!! Please rate as im a PGCE student and would appreciate feedback!
Dance Photos some with Dancey Quotes!!Quick View

Dance Photos some with Dancey Quotes!!

A few dance pictures, some with some nice dance quotes. They're of me and my old dance partner (many years ago) so no copyright. Printed out and laminated they can be quite good display pieces - if you like that sort of thing!!!!! **Please leave comments!**
Nutcracker PicturesQuick View

Nutcracker Pictures

Some pictures of characters & locations in Nutcracker! by Matthew Bourne. Print, laminate and you've got some nice flash cards!!
GCSE Dance Mock Exam Paper - 2011Quick View

GCSE Dance Mock Exam Paper - 2011

A paper made from the example paper, the 2011 paper and some of my ideas. Ideal for a mock or revision. Change the dance works or add other questions to make it more specific for your students
reviewing Dance TheoryQuick View

reviewing Dance Theory

My final version of reviewing questions for Section A, Section B and key terminology for Section C. Includes Bird Song questions, professional works questions, health and safety questions, performance questions etc.
La Fille mal Gardee presentation (Dance - set work)Quick View

La Fille mal Gardee presentation (Dance - set work)

An indepth powerpoint about La Fille - which i believe is a set work next year for senior yearInfo on Alston - his early and later career and his choreogrpahic styleThe history of La fille, Alstons Le fille, basic info and the rolesand a picture guide of the storyNice to get resources ready early!!!
GCSE Dance Mock Paper -  spec 2010Quick View

GCSE Dance Mock Paper - spec 2010

A GCSE mock paper, some questions the same as on the specimen paper and some new ones, should work well as a second paper to go through. Very difficult to create a mock as it's a brand new spec and exam! I hope this helps and if anyone else has created a mock paper please share.