Analysing Poetry: Revision AidQuick View

Analysing Poetry: Revision Aid

This resource contains a presentation that should help pupils to analyse poetry in a simple way. It considers the content of the poem and the poetic techniques and devices of language and structure.I am currently using this with my year 11’s as we are studying Poems from Other Cultures.
Similes and MetaphorsQuick View

Similes and Metaphors

Could be used as an introduction to the lesson. Very simple and can be used with all abilities. Hope you find it useful!
Word Classes: Adjectives, Adverbs, Verbs and NounsQuick View

Word Classes: Adjectives, Adverbs, Verbs and Nouns

Could be used as a starter or a plenary. Simply let the ppt run, pupils have to shout stop, to which you respond by pausing the ppt. Pupils then have to state its word class, whether it is an adjective, verb, noun or adverb. Alternatively, you could print them off and get them laminated to give to the pupils as a starter activity, where they have to make a sentence using that particular word.
Punctuation: Basic punctuation in WritingQuick View

Punctuation: Basic punctuation in Writing

An ideal resource for when introducing your pupils to punctuation. The powerpoint presentation covers the importance of punctuation in organizing students' writing and ideas. It examines basic punctuation use and considers question, exclamation and speech marks.
NounsQuick View


Is a useful resource to use whilst studying ‘Holes’. I usually use it with my lower ability classes. Enjoy!