Comedy scheme of workQuick View

Comedy scheme of work

A scheme of work looking at comedy. This would only be suitable for Year 9 upwards and is not for the faint hearted! I use this in the last half term of the year when year 9 have lost interest (particularly those not taking drama at GCSE) and this works every time! Really good fun!
Scheme of Work for KS3 DramaQuick View

Scheme of Work for KS3 Drama

An introductory scheme of work for a year 7 drama group. This scheme of work looks at basic skills such as mime, facial expressions, body language and simple characterisation. This can be adapted for any ability group.
Macbeth Scheme of WorkQuick View

Macbeth Scheme of Work

For use with Year 9. This looks at the themes and issues in Macbeth and sets the story and characters in a 1940's gangster whodunnit. This helps to put the fun back into Macbeth without getting bogged down in the language.