ladybird spots - number bonds to 10Quick View

ladybird spots - number bonds to 10

title and display capions for a number bonds to 10 display, make big ady birds and give them diffeent amounts of spots, the children could also get involved in this activity and help make the ladybids. this is a display in my room, could link worksheets to it. i have added a large ladybird that you could use s a template for making your large display bugs
hodgeheg dicplay picturesQuick View

hodgeheg dicplay pictures

Pictures of the family of hedgehogs from the dick king smith book the Hodgeheg, pictures have been scanned in from the book. I am going to use them for the character names in the classroom as we are studying this book in September. The book is also good to use as it is about crossing the road so could be useful for PSHCE type topics.
Long E Vowel - Letters and soundsQuick View

Long E Vowel - Letters and sounds

A collection of e words, ee words and ea words for the children to read and sort into different groups, does it make a long sound, does it make a short sound, children can then also begin to recognise the diferene between ee spellings and ea spellings.
Long Vowel Sounds - long AQuick View

Long Vowel Sounds - long A

A collectin of resources used for teaching and recognising the long A sound. I used the ards as an inrodution to he difeence between A and a then proressed to sorting the cards into different spelling patterns to help the children recognise there is more than 1 way of spelling the sound. i think this is phase 4 or 5 letters and sounds, dont have the booklet to hand. Its also useful for children who strugle with he odd spelling rule