Themes of WoyzeckQuick View

Themes of Woyzeck

Students were asked to work in pairs on sheets analyzing the different themes and how they would interpret these in their performance. They presented these back to the others in their group. By the end they had created a crib sheet of the various themes. Only then were the powerpoint slides given to them to fill in any gaps.
The Body Snatcher resourcesQuick View

The Body Snatcher resources

Various resources to support the teaching of R L Stevenson's short story 'The Body Snatchers'. Focus is on reading skills/strategies. Also used the film trailer for Burke and Hare (2010) film to develop media analysis.
Woyzeck list of scenesQuick View

Woyzeck list of scenes

A simple activity on the structure of the play. Students can re-arrange the order of the scenes depending on their directorial interpretation.