Guided reading Record Sheets with ObjectivesQuick View

Guided reading Record Sheets with Objectives

Ranging from levels 2C - 5A, these guided reading record sheets have targets the students should be aiming for. If a group is working at a secure level 3C, then sheet level 3B should be used. Objective numbers can be written in and marked against each session. All students could be working on the same objectives or individual students could be working on different ones. Objectives are written in child’s speak and come from AF1-AF8. * The last record sheet contains all of level 5. Some versions of Word change the margin settings so I have uploaded the single sheets in another thread called Guided Reading Record with Objectives- Level 5 for your benefit*
Stop Motion Animation - Monkey Jam How to GuideQuick View

Stop Motion Animation - Monkey Jam How to Guide

Here is a 'how to' guide for stop motion animation using monkey jam. Monkeyjam is a free software download, all you need are some cheap webcams. I use this to guide the students. It covers all the aspects needed to make a simple animation, and a trouble shooting guide. I have provided it as a powerpoint and a pdf for convenience. The first 2 slides are very specific to setting up our network and a specific project we were completing, feel free to delete and add your own. I had to make each slide of the powerpoint a single image as every computer opens it differently. Happy animating!
Reciprocal Guided Reading - Student Task SheetQuick View

Reciprocal Guided Reading - Student Task Sheet

This is the sheet I use for H/W activity based on the Reciprocal Teaching approach. The students then bring in the completed sheet and discuss their reading. One child acts as a leader; the teacher observes and makes notes, occasionally interjecting when required. Hope you find it useful! We have had excellent reading results since using this approach. For more info, there are some very good videos on youtube.
Student writing checklistQuick View

Student writing checklist

Used for early finishers. I get them to stick it under their finished writing piece in their books as a self assessment activity.