ESL Super BundleQuick View

ESL Super Bundle

Here are lots of different fun teaching resources for students who are learning to speak English as a second language, or for students who want to revise and improve their understanding of English. This is perfect for both an home or school setting.
Learning Japanese The Fun Way BundleQuick View

Learning Japanese The Fun Way Bundle

Are you learning Japanese? Are you looking for a fun way to learn Japanese? I have developed a way to learn different languages based on my experience as an ESL teacher. This pack has 57 different settings for students to talk about in Japanese. The worksheets themselves are in English and the students do need to translate the places and objects they see into Japanese. At the end of the session, the students can play a fun game of word bingo to show they have mastered that day's vocabulary. Try it, it is a lot of fun for everyone!
CastlesQuick View


Are you looking for photos of castles, castle keywords and story writing prompts about castles? Then this is a great teaching resource for you! Try it today.
Minibeasts BundleQuick View

Minibeasts Bundle

Are you looking for a fun set of teaching resources for minibeasts? This bundle includes a presentation of common minibeasts, a game, a whole ESL teaching unit on minibeasts and a set of colourful story writing prompts.
Keeping Healthy BundleQuick View

Keeping Healthy Bundle

Are you wanting to promote ways of keeping healthy. This bundle includes exciting presentations about the topic, keyword science vocabulary and spelling packs and two complete ESL units which include sport, the human body and health.
Going For Gold BundleQuick View

Going For Gold Bundle

Are you looking for lots of different ways of motivating your class to achieve more? To try harder and achieve their live's goals? Then this bundle, complete with complete ESL lessons on sports will motivate them in the right direction! This bundle is 50% of the price of buying the resources on their own.
ESL - Getting People Talking!Quick View

ESL - Getting People Talking!

I collected together lots of different high quality ESL teaching resources and I thought it would be fabulous to share them all in one place! I am sure your students will really enjoy these resources, while you also happen to enjoy the huge discounts!
Mountain BundleQuick View

Mountain Bundle

Are you teaching students about mountains? This is a lovely set of teaching resources. It introduces the students to famous mountains from around the world, things people use mountains for and helps you celebrate International Mountain Day.
CircusQuick View


Looking for pictures of the circus, clowns and acrobats? Looking for exciting story prompts about the circus? Try these nice resources and save!
Christmas Teaching ResourcesQuick View

Christmas Teaching Resources

Looking for lots of Christmas resources but you don't want the hassle of finding them all and downloading them? I have created a lot of different teaching resources, which are certain to help you. I have posters for the classroom, art resources and ESL grammar books... all at a big discount!
Australian Topic Teaching ResourcesQuick View

Australian Topic Teaching Resources

Are you looking for fun lessons and teaching resources about Australia? Then I think you will like this set of teaching ideas. There are photos of Australia and Australian animals, and a 30 hour ESL lesson on the topic.
Buildings around the world and through history.Quick View

Buildings around the world and through history.

Are you do the topic "Buildings?" Are you wanting to have lots of different teaching resources at your finger tips? I have put together some of my best teaching resources into a single "Buildings Bundle". You get great resources at a discount price!
Animal BundleQuick View

Animal Bundle

Are you looking for lots of different resources about animals? I have collected a lot of different teaching resources and placed them all into a single bundle so you are able to enjoy them all! You get great resources and a great discount!
Night and Day - Light and DarkQuick View

Night and Day - Light and Dark

Are you teaching about night and day, light and dark or about shadows and how they form? Then this night and day bundle is perfect for you! There are photos, writing prompts and fun games to play with your class. Try it today!
Fun Way To Learn Danish BundleQuick View

Fun Way To Learn Danish Bundle

Are you learning Danish? Are you looking for fun images to help motivate your class to speak more? I adapted ESL teaching materials into teaching Danish resources. While the worksheets are all in English, they are designed for students to learn the names of different objects in Danish. There are over 114 worksheets and 57 different settings to use. I have developed some fun games for students to try. Try it today!
Learning Swedish The Fun Way BundleQuick View

Learning Swedish The Fun Way Bundle

Are you learning Swedish? Are you wanting to talk more fluently in Swedish? This pack was adapted from an ESL teaching pack I made. I students look at the pictures (57 different settings and 114 pictures per set of worksheets) and they discuss what they see in Swedish. Please note the worksheets themselves are in English. I have included some fun vocabulary building games to make it more fun! Try them today!
Learn Punjabi The Fun Way! BundleQuick View

Learn Punjabi The Fun Way! Bundle

Are you learning Punjabi? Are you wanting to learn in a more fun way? I have adapted teaching resources I made to teach ESL to teach Punjabi. While the worksheets are still in English, the students translate the 57 settings and 114 pages of worksheets into Punjabi and learn them with a Punjabi teacher. The worksheets encourage the students to speak in Punjabi and recall the words they have used in each lesson.
Learning Polish Is Fun BundleQuick View

Learning Polish Is Fun Bundle

Are you learning Polish? Are you looking for fun images to share with your students? I took my ESL course and I adapted it to help teachers also teach Polish. The worksheets are in English but there are 57 different settings and 114 pages of worksheets to translate into Polish. Students can use these pictures as a focus for their conversations and also for fun end of lesson games, where they recall the new vocabulary used in each session.
Learning Turkish Fun Teaching BundleQuick View

Learning Turkish Fun Teaching Bundle

Are you learning Turkish? Are you looking for fun, visual images for your class? These resources are in English and have been adapted from my ESL teaching resources. They provide you with 57 different settings and over 114 different worksheets to use with your class. The students look at the images and speak about them in the Turkish language.
My Dutch Teaching Resources BundleQuick View

My Dutch Teaching Resources Bundle

If you are learning Dutch and you are looking for a way of translating from English into Dutch, then this is a great start. This resource would still need a dutch teacher as everything is in English. You look at the pictures and try to name things in Dutch.
Alphabet Bundle : Make Learning The Alphabet Fun!Quick View

Alphabet Bundle : Make Learning The Alphabet Fun!

I have developed a huge number of different resources related to learning about the alphabet. This means that you are able to introduce the alphabet in different topics or throughout the year. I have also included a large number of different practice alphabet writing sheets.