Charles Darwin Biography KS2Quick View

Charles Darwin Biography KS2

Resources to support biography writing, Charles Darwin. Includes: - Timeline slides (cut out and chn had to order them, developed grouping into paragraphs) - Planning sheet (x2) - Key notes to support planning biography - Word bank of key terms - Table of sentence strips we used to construct idea of how a paragraph develops
Timetables KS2Quick View

Timetables KS2

Activities reading train and opening timetables with questions - used as revision with year 6 to fit in with topic of London (linked to journey planning).
Length Conversion Loop CardsQuick View

Length Conversion Loop Cards

Mixture of capacity, weight and length loop cards using mm, cm, m, g, kg, ml and l. Pupils are required to convert between the units.
PerimeterQuick View


Calculating edges/perimeter of compound shapes and then word problems for perimeter. Used in year 5.
Shape True/False CardsQuick View

Shape True/False Cards

The document has 3 differentiated tables. The first is lower, then middle, then high ability. Each grid has 12 statements which need to be sorted into true or false. I used this with a year 4 class. This was used as a recap activity at the end of a topic and demonstrated what they understood and provoked discussion of key terms e.g. 3D, 2D, parallel lines, vertices, edges, faces, equilateral, right angle etc.
Multiplication QuizQuick View

Multiplication Quiz

Space Themed Multiple Choice Multiplication Quiz, based on the 2, 5 and 10 times table. It worked really well when I have used it, the children wanted to do it every day! Can be easily adapted for other times tables. I have even changed it to be a shape themed quiz looking at shapes properties.
Comparing stories and playsQuick View

Comparing stories and plays

A grid for chn to write features for comparison, recognising similarities and differences between stories and plays. Some key words are included on a separate page. Also 2 different plays used for chn to match the play and story version of the same text. BA - The Kidnappers. AA - The Pied Piper of Hamelin.
Math-lympicsQuick View


Range of olympic themed maths activities drawing on a variety of maths skills. Used with year 3 - was more suited to more able mathematicians, some questions chn used a calculator rather than written method but chn thoroughly enjoyed and were motivated to do the maths! Maths: 4 operations, measuring distance and time, collecting and presenting data, ordering and comparing numbers. (The ones with file name ending in 'V4' are in old Word format, the others are the most recent format.)
SymmetryQuick View


Used with year 6. Has symmetry activities, investigations (true/false), shapes to reflect including along diagonal lines and in 4 quadrants of co-ordinate grid.
Spaceman Shopping MissionQuick View

Spaceman Shopping Mission

The resource was originally used with a small board game I constructed for a small group, pupils collected amounts of money which they needed and then use these to purchase various items from the catalogue in order to complete the spaceman once they had the correct amounts. Added to this I also have used it allow pupils to investigate different combinations of coins they can use to pay for items.Other topics covered: Numbers
Measuring and Drawing LengthQuick View

Measuring and Drawing Length

3 sections - measuring lines in cms, drawing lines of a given length in cms, identifying the longest and shortest. This was used with the lowest maths group, but I adapted the lengths in the measuring and drawing sections to include half cms, or for top groups to include measuring to nearest mm.
Victorian TimelineQuick View

Victorian Timeline

Timeline of some key events during the Victorian period. Cut each page in half to go onto a timeline/display. Images copied from Google Images.
Drake's VoyageQuick View

Drake's Voyage

Map and Statements to order (in correct order on sheet - will need shuffling / re-arranging.)
Shape ActivitiesQuick View

Shape Activities

Various grids to use when investigating properties of shape. Carroll and Venn diagrams to sort shapes by different properties.
Number PyramidsQuick View

Number Pyramids

2 Number pyramid puzzles. One using decimals and one using negative numbers. The sum of adjacent circles finds the number above.