GCSE marking grid with broken down criteriaQuick View

GCSE marking grid with broken down criteria

We've tried to make the vague GCSE assessment objectives easier to grade for teachers and students. When a student completes a task, change the text from red to green. It also allows opportunities for interim grades. Hope it helps!
Seascape 'soap' painting step by step guideQuick View

Seascape 'soap' painting step by step guide

A great task that the kids will go for due to it's novelty factor. Students are guided step by step. The technique involves painting waves by mixing the brush with soap and watercolour. This makes the brushmarks stand out more. Had some great results with it.
Evaluating ArtworkQuick View

Evaluating Artwork

I have developed a star map approach to breakdown anaylsing artwork for KS3 & 4 students. I usually set timer on the board, give the students an image to analyse that fits in with our topic and let them analyse using the star map as a vehicle to do this.