Christmas PictogramsQuick View

Christmas Pictograms

Powerpoint introducing pictograms to children for the first time. Themed around christmas using christmas treats to represent data. Also includes an Mental oral starter on Bar charts. Feedback Apprectiated!
Winter Poems: SimilesQuick View

Winter Poems: Similes

This power point is the 3rd in a unit of lessons on winter poems based around the work of Christina Rossetti.
Wartime ChristmasQuick View

Wartime Christmas

This lesson deals with teaching children the importance of family at Christmas. It compares modern Christmas to that in WW2. The main activity consists of the children acting out what they think happens next in the story and what they think the character has learned.
Winter Poems: RhymeQuick View

Winter Poems: Rhyme

Powerpoint of the 2nd lesson of a topic of Winter Poems focusing on the work of Christina Rossetti.