Exam area and perimeter (foundation)Quick View

Exam area and perimeter (foundation)

The ramped two-page worksheet allows the students to find where they need more practice. They can then select to do more questions on these specific types of questions from the practice sheets. Questions are based on OCR past papers (Minor errors/problems on 7, 9 and 10 amended 09.04.14)
If the sun were the size of a football...Quick View

If the sun were the size of a football...

End-of year activity: a one/two lesson resource where the end product is a model of the solar system at a 1:5 x 109 scale (we have a 50m corridor so can show the locations and size of the first 4 planets relative to our football ‘Sun’). Uses scale drawing/standard form /estimating skills.
Using your calculator (Sharp EL-W531)Quick View

Using your calculator (Sharp EL-W531)

Flipchart and worksheet to get pupils to be able to use some of the more useful parts of their calculator (since they will NOT have bothered to read its instruction manual!) I have included the pdf manual from Sharp in case you are a bit rusty...