Les Miserables and the French Revolution- KS3 - 1Quick View

Les Miserables and the French Revolution- KS3 - 1

This is something I’m delivering to two groupd of year 8 students. They are following a combined curriculum which combines History, Geography, Music, Drama, Dance and English. This scheme of work is something which can be delivered over a few lessons, or stretched over a whole term. These resources I have used in 1 week, and this keeps the lessons pacey and interesting. The students have learned a lot about French History already, but I have found it best to alternate the lessons with practical activities which include acting role plays out, singing the songs from the music etc.
The Island, Lord of the Flies: Scheme of workQuick View

The Island, Lord of the Flies: Scheme of work

This resource has a 4 lesson plan / presentation scheme of work I’m doing with year 7’s on the Lord of the Flies. We put a number of subjects together in something called ‘Creative Curriculum’, which includes: English, Art and Design, Music, Geography and History. This is an introductory week to the topic with full lesson plans, handouts and worksheets necessary for completing it. It is designed to be delivered over 4 hour lessons, but can easily be extended for a longer period. There will be 5 more weeks of resources to follow.
Joseph and his Amazing Technicolour DreamcoatQuick View

Joseph and his Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat

This is something I am delivering in an hour a week with a lower ability year 7 key stage 3 class. I have put these worksheets into a booklet which I have distributed to the class. Week by week we are working through the song words (reading aloud and discussing meanings) and comparing the songs using youtube videos. Each week I am teaching the group a new song from the musical and the aim is to be able to work towards putting an assembly together for the rest of year 7. If I was putting the workbooks together again, I would add more colouring in for my group.
The impact of MusicQuick View

The impact of Music

Lessons I have delivered to introduce music to students that have not had much in the past. I have delivered these lessons to both year 7 and year 8 key stage three students and they have been received well.
OCR Creative Task Unit B353 Introduction LessonQuick View

OCR Creative Task Unit B353 Introduction Lesson

Introduction lesson to de-bunk the myths around the Creative Task for the OCR GCSE. Powerpoint containing task for working on the Note Row Stimulus. Good starting point to begin to break down how to approach the Creative Task before all students decide to do something different
SEN FlashcardsQuick View

SEN Flashcards

I use these with a student in my school who is SEN. This is a fairly discreet way of this student letting me know that they are struggling. Definitions: - Thinking time- When asking them a direct question, individually or in front of the class. - I'm Struggling- This in a red flag for when this student is struggling emotionally or behaviourally with other students in the class. - Can you Help me?- This indicates that they are struggling with the work. - Pass Please- for use when questioning in front of a class or individually.
Survival project: The IslandQuick View

Survival project: The Island

This is the second week of my 'Island' scheme of work for my Creative Curriculum lessons. This is aimed to combine Music, Geography, PSHE, citizenship, History and English to create a creative method of learing. This is something I am delivering to my year 7 (KS3) groups, but could be adapted to be delivered to other KS3 groups, or some of it could be used for those groups studying Lord of the Flies, by William Golding, for GSCE texts.
Composition FrameworkQuick View

Composition Framework

Composition framework for use in any composition. Gives students clear boxes to put their composition ideas in. Good for SEN students.
Teach me, Tell me game for Musical periodsQuick View

Teach me, Tell me game for Musical periods

1. Cut the sheets up into seperate questions 2. Students have 1-2 questions each 3. Students pair up and ask their partner their question/s and give the relevant answers. 4. Repeated by the other student 5. Students swap their questions with their partner and repeat, asking the questions they have just been asked etc. 6. Move onto another partner (with the new questions, not their original ones) and repeat. I then used a blank template to get students to write down as much as they could remember to act as a revision aid.
Numeracy quiz in MusicQuick View

Numeracy quiz in Music

I created this to use for starter activities with year 7,8,9 and 10 during our recent numeracy week. The teacher can select 1 or 2 or use the whole powerpoint to show relevancy of numeracy within music.