My Behaviour EvaluationQuick View

My Behaviour Evaluation

A tutor time based activity or for use at a time when a pupil should reflect on a period of poor behaviour. It's very simple and can be done using highlighters or colouring crayons. NO WRITING so great for reluctant writers.
A Board game templateQuick View

A Board game template

This is designed for citizenship, but it also has empty squares so the board game can be created by the students and then played. All you need is a die.
Relationship Restoration LetterQuick View

Relationship Restoration Letter

When two students argue, they first use this template to 'write&' to each other. Then you can use the letters for discussion and help them to rebuild their relationship. Works quite well most of the time.
A diamond 9 or diamond ranking cut and stickQuick View

A diamond 9 or diamond ranking cut and stick

Pupils are given 9 reasons (one blank for their own idea) for why they think their behaviour has not been as good as it should. They should then cut out each square and position them to make one big diamond, where the top has reasons that most affecting them and the bottom has ones that they do not deem to be so important.
Pupil Absence Interview WorksheetQuick View

Pupil Absence Interview Worksheet

For those who are encouraged to reduce pupil absence, this is a worksheet designed to help the pupil identify the problems absence can cause. It should probably be accompanied with a SEAL style session.