Of Mice and Men (ppts. chapters 1-3)Quick View

Of Mice and Men (ppts. chapters 1-3)

A series of ppts. supporting my teaching of OMAM from the opening through to chapter 3. Bits of it are stolen from other ppts. on TES, so it's not all entirely original! This was for a middle set.
Rap as poetry - Jay-Z and KanyeQuick View

Rap as poetry - Jay-Z and Kanye

For a bottom set year 8 class, to try and engage them in poetry. Jay-Z lesson looks mainly at imagery, Kanye lesson at the writer's message. *The start of the Kanye video is a bit racy - I've put timings on the ppt., but you&'re advised to check first!
Our Day Out, Act 1, Scenes 2-5Quick View

Our Day Out, Act 1, Scenes 2-5

Series of activities for a low-set year 8 class, exploring character and encouraging pupils to select evidence from the text and to comment on stage directions.
An Inspector Calls: Staging a ProductionQuick View

An Inspector Calls: Staging a Production

This powerpoint presentation examines the opening stage directions of JB Priestly's An Inspector Calls. It assists students in analysing the atmosphere created by his choices of props, scenery and costume and how this could be re-created in a modern re-working.
Unit 1 lesson Knife CrimeQuick View

Unit 1 lesson Knife Crime

Pupils identify and then compare presentational devices for two posters and a leaflet on the topic of knife crime. Homework task relates to language devices used in leaflet.
Macbeth: 'Sound and fury' Speech: Fate LessonQuick View

Macbeth: 'Sound and fury' Speech: Fate Lesson

A complete Powerpoint lesson plan with clear and detailed analysis of the 'sound and fury&' speech from Macbeth by William Shakespeare. In this lesson students will explore the eventual fate of Macbeth. (And the meaning of life in general!).
Plan B - Ill Manors (poetry)Quick View

Plan B - Ill Manors (poetry)

For a lower ability class, to try and engage them with poetry. This lesson looks at the lyrics of Plan B's song Ill Manors and asks them to consider the writer's attitude. Check that you&'re happy with the music video before showing it.
Big Fat Gypsy Wedding - Non-fictionQuick View

Big Fat Gypsy Wedding - Non-fiction

A series of lessons for an upper-set year nine class, for a non-fiction lesson. Pupils are required to: - analyse presentational devices of adverts - analysing a clip - think critically about stereotyping - analyse the language in a newspaper article - write in an appropriate style for a report.
Sonnet 130 - Gove challenge (learning poetry)Quick View

Sonnet 130 - Gove challenge (learning poetry)

Ppt. introducing pupils to Gove's idea of learning poetry off by heart. Pupils then use rhythm, rhyme and imagery to help them learn and recite Sonnet 130. This follows a previous lesson in which they studied the sonnet.
Mayoral election lesson - inform and explainQuick View

Mayoral election lesson - inform and explain

Revising the skills for writing to inform and explain. Pupils then work in groups to work the political bllurbs of mayoral campaigners into a working to inform and explain piece. Pupils then assess the other groups using success criteria on a ballot paper, before voting for their favourite candidate. Ballot paper and political campaigning material attached to the ppt.