Fundamental Movement Skills Term 1Quick View

Fundamental Movement Skills Term 1

Based on NSW curriculum, Australia, guidelines for fundamental movement skills for Kinder and Year 1. Focus on balance, running, catching and throwing. Suit class or grade groups.
Intro to Hospitality Careers (Australia)Quick View

Intro to Hospitality Careers (Australia)

A one off lesson to introduce students to some of the careers available in Hospitality. Should be suitable for UK but was created in line with the Australian pg 179/180 Food Tech Focus textbook. Not sure how helpful this will be but you can decide! :-)
Australian States, cities and featuresQuick View

Australian States, cities and features

The 30 power-point slides feature Australian states and territories, and Australia’s major natural features. It is suitable to use across a range of primary grades. Suggest pre-test and then follow-up reviews.
Uluru, Aborigines, Australia Day, Australia Cultural lessons (PPT, exercises)Quick View

Uluru, Aborigines, Australia Day, Australia Cultural lessons (PPT, exercises)

Lesson 5 Uluru Lesson 6 Aborigines Lesson 7 Australia Day Lesson 8 Australia Cultural class This is the second part of my Australia scheme of work, but naturally you could use any of these lessons separately. I teach English in a French school and given that students are non-natives some difficult words are explained in English. I think across all lessons in this pack there are only 2 instances where I used the translations in French. So you can remove these if you want to. As it’s a class I do all year I have made a workbook with a cover etc. This has already been converted to PDF for you, so you just need to print in A3 size as a ‘booklet’, meaning you don’t really need to staple it. When I did this before I did a dictogloss for the Ellen + Margot Robbie video but it’s quite time consuming so unless you have a lot of lessons/time it might be better skipping and just showing the video and getting students to summarise what happened to her, or make questions / gap fill. There is a class test for Uluru and the Aborigines but for the Australia Cultural class and Australia Day no. Sometimes I make kids do a poster on a topic from these lessons.
OnomatopoeiaQuick View


Interactive powerpoint requiring students to 'click' an image to hear a sound and, using Worksheet 1, to write a word for that sound. Subsequent worksheets scaffold understanding of concept to further develop use of onomatopoeia to enhance writing quality. Created for use in a Grade 5 class (10 year olds) in a government school in Queensland, Australia.
Easter In FranceQuick View

Easter In France

A PowerPoint presentation aimed at provoking discussion about Easter and the comparisons and similarities between France and Australia. I have used this at Year 3 primary, but also for year 7 secondary, as a starting point for introducing Easter in general.
Country Study - AustraliaQuick View

Country Study - Australia

Engage your students in geography by learning about the world around them with this fun country study of Australia. Your students will create a 17-page mini book all about Australia. They will read the included reading material about Australia and use that, together with other books or online resources, to complete each page in their own Australia mini-book. Your students will complete the following tasks about Australia: Identify Australia on a world map Label the major Australian cities Develop general knowledge of Australian facts Learn about the origins and look of the Australian flag Learn about common foods in Australia Investigate native animals to Australia Explore popular Australian sports Identify significant landmarks in Australia Learn some common Australian phrases/expressions Identify traditional Australian clothing Research a famous Australian person Compare and contrast Australia with another country by completing a Venn diagram Research significant historical events that occurred in Australia Research significant dates/celebrations in Australia This country study also includes 4 different reading pages that students can use as part of their research. Instructions are included for assembling the mini-books.
Senior English program:Representations of RefugeesQuick View

Senior English program:Representations of Refugees

A unit plan with a selection of relevant resources, as well as an Assessment Task. This unit is a senior English program which focuses on media representations of refugees in Australia, builds on students critical literacy skills and culminates in a Hypertext Short Story.
The Vietnam War: Modern HistoryQuick View

The Vietnam War: Modern History

Three connected FLAs which allow students to explore the Vietnam War, and Australia's involvement, in multiple ways. Includes a webquest, co-operative learning.
Unit of work on TimeQuick View

Unit of work on Time

This is a booklet I created for a mixed ability Year 7 class in Australia. Please note I have included work of others.
Baroque MusicQuick View

Baroque Music

Baroque music overview and worksheet to recap knowledge. Also worksheet package for Handel's The Harmonious Blacksmith. I used these packages with grade 10s (Australia) and went through the Baroque package picking out new terms and getting the students to write notes. I also showed some videos of Baroque dancing that I downloaded from youtube.
20 Mathematicians Who Changed The WorldQuick View

20 Mathematicians Who Changed The World

I made up this set of posters from an article in Business Insider Australia ( Should look great on the wall coming in to class.